Episode #82 – The Classic Community Speaks On Sharding, Loot Trading, Content Timetables & The Demo


Josh is back from a wild trip to Blizzcon and has rallied the troops to voice their opinions on everything that we heard from Anaheim!

Listen in to an episode packed full of voices as Countdown To Classic takes two separate group calls and another one on one call regarding the big issues that have arisen, sharding, loot trading, content timetables and overall thoughts on the demo.

Blizzard asked for our input and Countdown To Classic is here to help provide it!

Highlights Below:

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Episode #81 – Blizzcon Stories + WoW Podcast Panel

In Part One of Josh’s huge Blizzcon recap we hear Josh’s running diary  of his time in Anaheim as well as a replay of the WoW podcast panel he was part of for the World Of Podcasts panel.

Tune in to hear a day by day casual account of what went on when Countdown To Classic went to Blizzcon.

In next week’s part two, when he’s back home in Australia, Josh will go through a detailed analysis of the demo and the panels.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #79 – Content Creation & The Community


The eagle has landed as Josh brings you this episode of Countdown To Classic from LA!

Today, Josh takes a call from a number of content creators about a classic websites, content creation and the community.  After that it’s time for memory lane and some listener feedback.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #78 – Leaked Screenshots + Paladins + Community + Rep Grinds + Demo


Josh is getting out of dodge! Just before jumping on a 14 hour flight to Blizzcon, Countdown To Classic unloads with a take on the latest round of purported leaks from the Classic Demo.

After that, Josh speaks with a number of listeners on a broad range of topics including Paladins, judgement stacking, theorycrafting, the community at large, hit tables, testing and analysing the Classic demo, and reputation grinds.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #77 – Ex-NFL Player Chris Kluwe On WoW, Raiding, Classic, eSports & Football


Countdown To Classic checks off another bucket list item for the show by sitting down with former NFL punter, Chris Kluwe, to talk about balancing life in the NFL with hardcore raiding in World Of Warcraft.

Chris chats and laughs along with Josh over a variety of topics including, raiding as a rogue, Blizzard games, the state of eSports, and a few funny football memories.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #76 – Blizzcon Predictions Group Call & Demo Chat


Blizzcon is just around the corner and Countdown To Classic has you covered for all the Blizzcon speculation and predictions that you can handle.

Josh calls in three avid listeners, Palfuris, Viv, and Niel, for a group call to cover off on all angles of the event, being the fans who will be there in person, the fans watching at home via the virtual ticket, and those keeping an eye on things from within the gaming industry.  Listen in for a lot of analytical chat, and many a laugh along the way as we discover that Josh has no idea what beat boxing is!

After that it’s time for everybody’s favourite segment, memory lane, and then Josh cleans up with an epic listener submission about why there was actually NO WAR going on in World Of Warcraft.

Highlights Below:

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