Episode #17 – The Alexensual Interview


It’s Countdown To Classic’s inaugural interview episode, and to celebrate this momentous occasion I spoke with YouTuber Alexensual for a 75 min interview about the history of vanilla private servers, Alex’s views on his perception within the community, and Alex’s hopes and expectations for World of Warcraft: Classic.

The episode then has a bit of fun, asking Alexensual to take part in his very own segment of Anger Management, as well as introducing The Hot Seat, where Countdown To Classic puts some fun, hypothetical questions to the interviewee.

Interview Recorded on Thursday, April 12, 2018.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #16 – You Just Want My Paladin’s Pink Slips


It’s Monday over at Countdown To Classic which means it’s time to hit the forums!

This week we look over what potential change would you draw the line at with World of Warcraft: Classic, whether or not Paladins should be doing more than they are in vanilla, and whether fixing incomplete quest lines is something that should be completely off the table.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #15 – Joking With The Warcraft Movie


Countdown To Classic mixes things up with a one off crossover episode with Josh’s other podcast – The Sinner Files – in order to break down 2016’s Warcraft movie, with tongues very firmly in cheek.

Topics include why one might get a bit shy around an Orc in a shower, how Uncle Gul’Dan fooled all the young bloods, and why inter-dimensional travel shouldn’t be allowed when pregnant with future Warchiefs.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #14 – War(Song Gulch) – What Is It Good For?


It’s Way Back Wednesday and today we cover the lore of Warsong Gulch via the history of the Warsong Clan, and The Sentinels, listening to how the tension between these two groups came to be and why we fight where we do.

Then we cover off on community reactions to Warsong Gulch – was it a battleground you loved or hated? How did you feel about shenanigans in battlegrounds? Did you ever come under notice from GM’s over your behaviour in PvP?

Highlights Below:

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Episode #13 – BFA + Release Date = Classic Release Theories Squared


Classic release theories abound with the announcement of a release date for BFA about a month earlier than expected.  Join Josh as Countdown To Classic ponders what the news could mean for Classic moving forward.

Then, Josh goes undercover, hiding in plain sight through the opening of the K3 private server and touches on what the popularity of this experience could mean for WoW: Classic as well as the ups and downs of the unveiling to the world.

Finally, we reflect on the things that we actually kind of disliked about World of Warcraft in the vanilla days, the things we perhaps forget about amongst the love fests for the game.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #12 – I Got Ripped (In Two) At AQ


Venture back to the fallen kingdom of Ahn’Qiraj and learn all about the lore of the Qiraji, Silithid and C’Thun in the deepest of dives into all things AQ!

Join Josh in Part Two of the Ahn’Qiraj journey as he explains why we ventured beyond the gates that we heard all about last week on the show.

After we go through the lore, we hit up the forums for the reactions of the players to the content of AQ20 and AQ40 and what we thought of it all back in the day, ranging from the fun (or boredom) of the raids and the tough encounters.

Highlights Below:

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24 Hour Delay On Episode #12!

Sorry all, I had to record two episodes of my movie podcast today and it ate into preparation and recording time for Countdown, so there will be a one day delay on episode #12.  Look for it first thing Thursday morning EST instead, apologies for the slight delay, but the second part of our epic break down of all things lore in Ahn’Qiraj will be with you very soon!