Episode #121 – Easy Money

Black Lotus

I’m on vacation but there is no rest for the wicked, so sit back and enjoy the end of summer with some poolside WoW Classic chatter.

The show sneaks in a topical fiscal discussion regarding fresh economies and what’s happening across many servers worldwide right now, while also briefly touching on the recent blue post regarding layering abuse and the gathering of mats.

After that, we hear all about the evolution of raids through WoW’s life cycle (and what vanilla had to offer), and balancing WoW with a minor league baseball career.

Finally, the show brings it on home with a fascinating chat with former Star Wars: The Old Republic lead designer, Damion Schubert, about the making of what was another huge MMORPG, and the design philosophies that went into that game while competing with WoW, as Countdown to continues to highlight the design process of the games that have helped forge the genre over the years.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #120 – Dungeon Cleavage


The early impressions of WoW Classic are slowly starting to form and we’ve already seen a shifting of the meta, as the show touches on the news of Week 1 of World of Warcraft Classic.

Dungeon cleaving, world firsts, layering issues and much, much more, tune in as the community sounds off on some early observations of how we’ll be playing the game moving forward.

Plus we get some celebs drop by as we hear from the world #2 to 60, Leshraque, as well as Luke Lafreniere stopping by again with the family in tow!

Highlights Below:

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Episode #119 – The Classic Launch Experience


World of Warcraft Classic has launched!!

And with all of us diving into Azeroth at the same time, the launch experience has been one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon, as the servers have been smashed by a tidal wave of players wanting to get started with Classic.

This week’s episode of the show touches on what players went through from a variety of perspectives, and touches on a variety of in game and out of game issues.  Find out more below and listen along while you level!

Highlights Below:

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Episode #118 – The Countdown To Classic


It’s the final countdown…..

But not the last episode of the show!

It’s a tour de force today as the show goes nuts for the moment we’ve all been waiting so long for – launch!

The news doesn’t stop as we cover the AMA, preparing for the madness that will be launch, the race to kill Ragnaros, and finish off our ‘why your class rocks…and sucks’ series with Shaman, Paladins, and Priests.

Finally, the episode ends with an important update and set of thank yous, as well a thank you from the fans, and an absolute must hear special audio rip from a video that I released last week.  WARNING: THE FINAL MINUTES MAY SET HYPE LEVELS TO 11.

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Episode #117 – Why Your Class Rocks…..and Sucks (Part Two), Server Lists, Can No Changes Go Too Far, Adult Diapers, Kevin Jordan Talks The News, Joana & Alenya On The Race To 60


Less than two weeks to go.

So much to talk about.  So little time.

Countdown is back with even more classy talk this week, as we cover the pros and cons of Warlocks & Rogues.  We also break down the server list, whether or not #nochanges can go too far, Kevin Jordan stops by again to give his take on some of the latest news, and speed levelling legend Joana returns to discuss the Race To 60 along with fellow speed leveller Alenya.

And finally, the show gets about as classy as it will ever get in discussing the practicality of using adult diapers during speed runs.  And it’s about damn time.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #116 – Why Your Class Rocks…..and Sucks (Part One) + The Final Stress Test + Name Reservations


It’s August, 2019.

Classic is close.

Are you still struggling with the huge decision of what class to play in Classic? Flipping coins around the house deciding between options??

Well, Countdown To Classic is here for you, as the show enlists some of its favourite guests from the previous 115 episodes to enlighten you on why the class you may be leaning towards rocks…..and sucks.  We cover the good and the bad behind Druids, Warriors, Mages, and Hunters, with the other classes to come next week.

Along with those great chats, the show opens up by covering the upcoming stress test, the choices that go into picking your server, and how many servers Blizzard might be rolling out.

The show is also blessed to have the person who is the subject of the first WoW Classic meme along for a chat, as the one, the only, Thex drops by to talk about what’s in a name for name reservation day.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #115 – The Calm Before The Storm


It’s the last episode of Countdown To Classic before release month dawns on us, and so the show is taking one last chance to enjoy the calm before the storm of content coming in August and onwards.

Today, we kick off with some awesome in game advice, but then bring it down a notch as we get zen with a bunch of ‘external’ topics about World of Warcraft Classic.

So sit back, relax, and let Countdown soothe you…..just before we turn it up to 11.

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