Episode #130 – The Final Countdown (Part Two)

Josh signs off for the final time as we go through a bunch more listener calls with many of the show’s favourite guests from the past two years.

Touching on topics such as BWL, what’s to come for WoW Classic, how it all worked out for casuals, the Oceanic experience and a final exit interview with the show’s host, as well as a hell of a lot of thank yous.

It has been a privilege to have you tune in every week to Countdown To Classic.  Thank you so much everyone.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #129 – The Final Countdown (Part One)


The final episode of Countdown To Classic is upon us – and the show has every intention of going out large!

Josh pulls out all the stops as we go through a two part, epic conclusion to the series, from chats about the making of vanilla to current PvP issues in game.

Gaming legend, and World of Warcraft’s original lead designer, Rob Pardo stops by for an in depth chat about his recollection of the early days of WoW, as well as talking TBC, Starcraft, Diablo, Classic, MMORPG’s in general, and his current project at Bonfire Studios.

After that we hear from a bunch of show favourites, as Josh breaks out his rolodex (…in 2020?) and calls MVP guests to discuss PvP as well as speedrunning raids.

Look out for part two very soon!!!

Highlights Below:

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Episode #128 – Raph Koster


It’s the penultimate episode of Countdown To Classic, and the show continues to bring in the big guns of MMORPG gaming, as well as a bunch of the WoW Classic community for a chat.

Today, we kick off with a chat about battlegrounds with show favourite Marky Mark, and the ‘new meta’ that Classic players are experiencing through the Alterac Valley, and to a lesser extent, Warsong Gulch grind.

After that, Josh is joined for an epic chat with MMORPG legendary designer Raph Koster, the current CEO of Playable Worlds, and former lead designer and creative director of Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies, respectively.  Listen in to one of the best chats the show has featured, as Raph talks everything from Richard Garriott’s castle, to his thoughts on micro-transactions and their place in gaming, to his current work with Playable Worlds.

Following that, Josh publishes a bunch of calls that he has held on to far too long, with apologies to the callers, as we heard about a diverse range of WoW Classic topics from DHK’s to Pet Threat.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #127 – The Burning Crusade…Classic?


It’s time.

Let’s talk TBC Classic.

The listeners have been patient as the show took a break post-Blizzcon but is back with a vengeance as we finally break down a topic that many of you have waited almost two years to discuss – The Burning Crusade and how it may go as a ‘Classic’ title.

Listen in on several die-hard Countdown fans, and TBC veterans, talk about their memories from the TBC days and how the community may approach the game if it were dropped as an expansion later down the track.

Also, hot on the heels of Phase 2 arriving 10 days ago, we talk a little about how that blood stained experience has been.

The episode also features the WoW Classic fan panel at Blizzcon that Josh was lucky enough to moderate, as well as Josh’s interesting re-telling of the 2019 Blizzcon experience.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #126 – #freeblizzcon


Blizzcon is right around the corner, so it’s time to talk about what could be coming our way this year in what may be a bit of a make or break moment for the house that orcs built.

Listen in as we talk Diablo, Overwatch and Warcraft 3, along with a little Classic chat later on about private servers and gold selling, as well as a long discussion with former Lord of the Rings Online lead designer Ben Schneider, aka Dr. Octothorpe, about the making of yet another memorable MMORPG.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #125 – Around The Horn


It’s a mixed bag of WoW Classic goodness this week!

Listen in on great conversations with the players of WoW Classic about PvP, Shadow Priest PvP, economic principles, and also hear the conclusion to the show’s epic three part chat with MMORPG legend, Mark Jacobs.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #124 – Sliding Into DMs


News is upon us as Blizzard lets us know that the first content drop post launch is coming a little sooner than planned as things are being shaken up a bit for the phases of WoW Classic.

Listen in as we discuss getting Dire Maul, the implications of the news, and crackpot theories about what it might mean moving forward.

After that, the show kicks on with general PvP observations thus far, more from MMORPG legend Mark Jacobs about the making of DAoC, and finally we touch on the possibility of ‘seasonal servers’ to help draw out the life cycle of WoW Classic.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #123 – Mark Jacobs


Huge episode of the podcast this week as we touch on a lot of new Classic talk, chat with an MMORPG titan, we recap a bit of last week’s episode with a new angle, as well as an update on Josh’s time with the game!

Discussing blue posts re: warrior HS/Offhand issues, a potential new Spelladin meta for Paladins, Mark Jacobs talks about his time designing Warhammer Online, and we hear an opposing view point to last week’s opening call as well as touching off on some light AH/mat economic theories.  Strap in for a big one and pay particular attention to the featured call with Mark Jacobs, he is an amazing interviewee!

Highlights Below:

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Episode #122 – The Spirit of Vanilla (Radio)


Let’s get physical!

…I mean, topical!!

There’s news and opinions everywhere over the last week as the players play around with exactly what they can do with Classic.  We discuss the ‘spirit of vanilla’ and what basis Blizzard may or may not have to ban people for certain in game actions.

The show sinks its teeth into the meaty topics of dungeon layering, the bans resulting from its use, demoralizing shout issues, aura caps, the Devilsaur Mafia, ninja looting, need vs greed, and more.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #121 – Easy Money

Black Lotus

I’m on vacation but there is no rest for the wicked, so sit back and enjoy the end of summer with some poolside WoW Classic chatter.

The show sneaks in a topical fiscal discussion regarding fresh economies and what’s happening across many servers worldwide right now, while also briefly touching on the recent blue post regarding layering abuse and the gathering of mats.

After that, we hear all about the evolution of raids through WoW’s life cycle (and what vanilla had to offer), and balancing WoW with a minor league baseball career.

Finally, the show brings it on home with a fascinating chat with former Star Wars: The Old Republic lead designer, Damion Schubert, about the making of what was another huge MMORPG, and the design philosophies that went into that game while competing with WoW, as Countdown to continues to highlight the design process of the games that have helped forge the genre over the years.

Highlights Below:

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