Episode #86 – Nostalgia, WoW Addiction/Mental Health In Gaming, + Spell Batching


Today, Josh takes on a number of big topics in a huge, special episode of Countdown To Classic, whilst also announcing a special Christmas giveaway!

Firstly, we talk to Gamasutra and The Verge contributor, Katherine Cross, all about whether or not we should dampen expectations of Classic due to nostalgic reasoning.

Next, Josh turns to a number of calls on the important topics of gaming addiction and depression/mental health, as we hear from addiction professional, and listener of the show, Jamie all about the correlations between WoW addiction and other more familiar addictions.

Josh then takes 3 more calls from other listeners who tell of their stories of WoW addiction and how they dealt with it.

Finally, Josh breaks down all things spell batching, finishing up with a great call from Ohgee all about why it is an important issue worth your consideration.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #85 – Paladin PvP With Drakova + Databases/Itemisation + Scholomance Lore


Praise the light! Countdown To Classic is ready to talk everything Paladin PvP as Drakova comes in for an extensive chat about why you’re using your Paladin wrong, and how you can improve!

After that, Josh sits down with a bunch of listeners to chat about the databases at Blizzard, and whether or not the concept of progressive itemisation in Classic can truly R.I.P.

Then the show wins up with a trip through the lore of Scholomance, as well as some tidbits about the beloved instance, which includes a healthy dose of Lich King and Kel’Thuzad background as well.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #84 – Warriors, Content Creators, Dishonourable Kills + Memory Lane


Countdown To Classic finally takes the plunge on arguably the most popular class in vanilla World of Warcraft with a deep dive on everything and anything Warriors in a featured group call.

After that, the show discusses Content Creators, Josh returns to the forums to discuss dishonourable kills, and we finish off with another dose of Memory Lane.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #83 – Dueling Tournaments, Heavy Metal + WoW, Was There ‘War’ In WoW, Dramacraft + The Hinterlands Lore


Countdown To Classic gives thanks for everyone tuning in to this episode!

It’s a Thanksgiving special and we’ve crammed the proverbial turkey full of content, as we have listener calls, heaps of lore, and the debut of a new segment in Dramacraft!

Listen in as Josh runs through more of what makes Classic, Classic.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #82 – The Classic Community Speaks On Sharding, Loot Trading, Content Timetables & The Demo


Josh is back from a wild trip to Blizzcon and has rallied the troops to voice their opinions on everything that we heard from Anaheim!

Listen in to an episode packed full of voices as Countdown To Classic takes two separate group calls and another one on one call regarding the big issues that have arisen, sharding, loot trading, content timetables and overall thoughts on the demo.

Blizzard asked for our input and Countdown To Classic is here to help provide it!

Highlights Below:

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Episode #81 – Blizzcon Stories + WoW Podcast Panel

In Part One of Josh’s huge Blizzcon recap we hear Josh’s running diary  of his time in Anaheim as well as a replay of the WoW podcast panel he was part of for the World Of Podcasts panel.

Tune in to hear a day by day casual account of what went on when Countdown To Classic went to Blizzcon.

In next week’s part two, when he’s back home in Australia, Josh will go through a detailed analysis of the demo and the panels.

Highlights Below:

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