Episode #129 – The Final Countdown (Part One)


The final episode of Countdown To Classic is upon us – and the show has every intention of going out large!

Josh pulls out all the stops as we go through a two part, epic conclusion to the series, from chats about the making of vanilla to current PvP issues in game.

Gaming legend, and World of Warcraft’s original lead designer, Rob Pardo stops by for an in depth chat about his recollection of the early days of WoW, as well as talking TBC, Starcraft, Diablo, Classic, MMORPG’s in general, and his current project at Bonfire Studios.

After that we hear from a bunch of show favourites, as Josh breaks out his rolodex (…in 2020?) and calls MVP guests to discuss PvP as well as speedrunning raids.

Look out for part two very soon!!!

Highlights Below:

  • Where is Josh going from here? – 00:30
  • Calling Countdown #1 – Former WoW Lead Designer Rob Pardo – 5:40
  • Calling Countdown #2 – PvP issues and BG meta w/ Nano, North, & OhGee (Recorded mid-December) – 2:00:35
  • Calling Countdown #3 – AV/PvP issues w/ North (Recorded January 22, 2020) – 2:55:55
  • Calling Countdown #4 – Raid Speedrunning Records w/ Ayle, Cleavis & Timecop of Onslaught – 3:45:10


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