Episode #123 – Mark Jacobs


Huge episode of the podcast this week as we touch on a lot of new Classic talk, chat with an MMORPG titan, we recap a bit of last week’s episode with a new angle, as well as an update on Josh’s time with the game!

Discussing blue posts re: warrior HS/Offhand issues, a potential new Spelladin meta for Paladins, Mark Jacobs talks about his time designing Warhammer Online, and we hear an opposing view point to last week’s opening call as well as touching off on some light AH/mat economic theories.  Strap in for a big one and pay particular attention to the featured call with Mark Jacobs, he is an amazing interviewee!

Highlights Below:

  • Josh’s WoW Experience This Week – 3:35
  • Calling Countdown #1 – Warrior Bug/News w/ Vilius & Saku – 16:40
  • Calling Countdown #2 – The Ret Spelladin Meta w/ Judgement, Mourtagh & Theloras – 45:25
  • Calling Countdown #3 – Mark Jacobs on making Warhammer Online & MMORPG’s (Part One) w/ Dom – 1:18:45
  • Calling Countdown #4 – Replying To Last Week & Mat Economics w/ Koro & Sycophant – 2:41:05


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One thought on “Episode #123 – Mark Jacobs”

  1. Funnily enough. I have attempting to level my warrior and really not enjoying the hamstring, heroic strike meta. I leveled an undead warrior to 30 and said “fuck this”.

    In watching Skarm level his troll warrior alt on stream recently, I’ve heard him say time and time again how bad heroic strike is. He talks about the hidden rage cost in passing a few times. (Because Heroic strike replaces a normal melee hit, so it doesn’t generate rage when used, not only costing the initial rage of 15 but also the 9-10 rage it would generate with a normal melee hit.) I noticed that he was just sundering alot of the mobs and he had more rage at his disposal. He also has a slightly different talent build to leveling an arms warrior. I decided to start fresh and level an Orc warrior. It started to mirror skarm’s approach and found that I had much more rage available to me to use things like stack sunders, thunderclap and demo shout for mitigation and my levelling experience has been much smoother. Then, I hear the podcast and find that there is data that could indicate that this may not just be a flavour thing but actually have potential to be a more efficient approach. My orc warrior is now level 25 and I am loving it.

    This is the type of content that keeps me coming back. I know the whole layering thing is a hot topic but it is honestly getting old, and it has started to become a dominant theme in the podcast. For better or worse it is here and we have to deal with it for now. I understand that it is an important topic but please try to avoid making it such a dominant subject like it has been in that last few weeks (if it is even possible). Putting the responses at the end of this weeks podcast was a great way to approach the layering topic. Thanks for all the hard work Josh.


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