Episode #108 – The Making of BRD w/ John Staats, WSG + AB in the Beta, Stream Sniping, WoW + Politics, & Trollgodx Part Two


The beta rolls on and brings with it a couple of fresh talking points for the show and its listeners to tackle this week with Josh.

Warsong Gulch has been open for a couple of weeks now in the beta and Arathi Basin just opened days ago, and with those come the bloodthirsty PvP testers looking to see how things perform on the battlegrounds.

After that we break down stream sniping, after some comments made by streamer Sodapoppin ignited the forums this past week on the issue.

Then, we welcome back vanilla WoW level designer John Staats, for the first of a lengthy ongoing segment all about the design of vanilla WoW’s instances.  Listen in to part one of this series, as John tells us all about how he built one of the most beloved dungeons in MMORPG history, Blackrock Depths.

The show then rounds out with a great call with a sitting member of the state of Maine’s House of Representatives, about that one time that WoW got caught up in politics, and also a follow up call from last week, for a slightly different angle on the Trollgodx issue at the dueling tournament.

Highlights Below:

  • Calling Countdown #1 – Beta BG’s w/ Ayle, Fried, Khano, & Nano – 2:50
  • Calling Countdown #2 – Stream Sniping w/ Boosh & Gleb – 31:35
  • Calling Countdown #3 – The Making of Blackrock Depths w/ John Staats, Gromboli, & Vilius – 50:55
  • Calling Countdown #4 – When WoW Met Politics w/ Colleen Madigan, Maine – House of Representatives (D) – 1:52:35
  • Calling Countdown #5 – Trollgodx Part Two – Blizzard Should Consider Some Action w/ Emmortal, Sabara & Trabadab – 2:20:25


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6 thoughts on “Episode #108 – The Making of BRD w/ John Staats, WSG + AB in the Beta, Stream Sniping, WoW + Politics, & Trollgodx Part Two”

  1. Hey, just listened to the trollgodx part and i wanna play devils advocate a little bit. I would have liked blizzard to take action, but i completely understand why blizzard doesn’t. in the classic cast podcast with Kevin, he stated the lead developers design philosophies and protocols for gms and said they wanted to let players work out as many social actions as possible and not take action unless absolutely necessary. I would agree that this is total griefing and ruining the exp for player and viewers watching the streams, BUT the streamers are ACTUALLY upset because it was not FAIR by the standards they put forward , real money was involved, and it was out of their control to handle it. The bookies back in the day got real pissed if they were supposed to win their bet too but you fucked it up! But it wast out of their control. they just want the most profitable situation with the great opportunity they came into. (break to retail dying and classic reviving their streams). they gathered a large crowd in mulgore and when it was griefed substantially they tried to move the last round to a new location. they just hid screens and ran away. then they took an intermission and exploited to get under the map to try to tame the crowd that way. All they had to do was hold a private mach off stream, close the stream, hide the screen, ect. they just had to put some real effort into thinking about something overlooked. WHICH IS WHAT WOW BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER TO DO. instead, they knew the risks hosting in mulgore and their”if it happens we’ll deal with it” attitude didn’t work out. none of it is really blizzards concern, and blizzard shouldn’t be called by streamers to do their bidding. we’ve all been through it back in the day. put in a ticket and if they judge it worthy they’ll get to you. blizzard stated they wanted you to figure it out socially. I can almost see it as a play by certain streamers to try to make this more esport like and an opportunity to try to establish a foothold in it. Anyway, first podcast ive heard. I really enjoyed it. Sorry if walloftextcrityoufor1000k.

    tldr: streamer problems are not blizzard priority. The fence is clear on what is considered griefing. Social aspects are not blizzards problem.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for listening to the episode and for the feedback Mumbles, I’m glad you enjoyed your first experience with the show 🙂

      That particular call was actually a follow up from last week’s episode where some of the views you’ve expressed were put forward by many of the callers there, so I definitely recommend checking out episode #107! Due to the one sided argument last week, that’s why this week’s call took place to voice the opposite opinion as well 😛

      Hope you continue to enjoy the show. If you like hearing from Kevin then you’ll find he’s had appearances on Countdown prior to his spot on Classicast last week that I’m sure you’ll like.

      Enjoy the ride!


      1. Thanks Josh! Will definitely be tuning in to more. Hoping for the most enjoyable and smoothest classic release. Best of luck to your Podcast and to you.

        Liked by 1 person

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