Episode #105 – Beta Impressions, Layering Technically Explained, & Kevin Jordan on WoW, MMO’s & Blizzard

Ep 105

It’s time to break down the first playable version of World of Warcraft Classic that we’ve been given as the closed beta dropped this past week.

Josh speaks with Defcamp & Polydox in a call recorded after two days spent with the beta, and then takes another call from Ayle after six days with the game, as the callers cover off on bugs, PvP and whether or not the game is fun and running well.

After that, Josh hears from IT professional Linkson, who stops by to give further clarification on exactly what Blizzard’s proposed ‘layering’ system entails, explaining it further to the listeners.

And, finally, in saving the best for last, vanilla WoW class designer Kevin Jordan stops by for the last instalment in his fantastic ‘Ask Kevin’ series, as he sits down with the Countdown community to discuss WoW, MMORPG’s, the gaming industry and Blizzard in a candid, final interview.

Highlights Below:

  • Calling Countdown #1 – Beta Impressions Day #2 w/ Defcamp and Polydox – 3:05
  • Calling Countdown #2 – Beta Impressions Day #6 w/ Ayle – 41:15
  • Calling Countdown #3 – Layering Technically Explained w/ Linkson – 1:12:45
  • Calling Countdown #4 – Kevin Jordan Speaks With The Community w/ Ayle, Batlord, Chyngo, Lorenthar & SneakyB4rd – 1:38:45


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2 thoughts on “Episode #105 – Beta Impressions, Layering Technically Explained, & Kevin Jordan on WoW, MMO’s & Blizzard”

  1. We all know what Sharding/Layering is. The problem is blizzard is doing it, instead of just letting us play a MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER game and letting what happens, happen. If you don’t got time to dick around with quests that take hours to complete or que times. Guess what? Don’t play, retail is sitting patiently for you, and it will work just the way you want it to, every time you want to play.

    We only have 60 levels to complete, we are going to need every struggle we can get to happen so we don’t blow through those levels. 60 was so hard to achieve because back then, blizzard didn’t get involved. They just let us figure it out on our own. This time around, if we don’t have the problems of a full server, too many people in a quest area, then we are all going to float from 1-60 with ease and that’s going to be a problem not months down the road, but just a few weeks.


  2. This was incredibly interesting Josh, particularly towards the end. As a ‘home’ developer I completely understand what Kevin was saying about the industry being hard on work/life balance. Hear me out because that sounded arrogant but I promise I have the best of intentions – I opted not to go into the industry three years ago; a decision which I still stand by today because I’m able to develop on my own terms, and can still spend time with my family. It was always my dream to go into the business, but my opinion has changed.

    After releasing ‘Entropy : Zero’ in 2017 I got the chance to see a side of the industry that put me off. I got invited to a pretty-well known development house near me for I guess what you could consider to be a casual interview. And after chatting with folks there the one thing that stood out (which put me off) was the lack of control over personal time these folks were facing. Everyone I spoke to mentioned it. It switched me off so I shut the door on that path.

    Indie is the future – it’s happening already. I’m just waiting for that first ever full indie MMO to appear! 😛

    The good news of course is that I get more personal time. And that will be more personal time to play WoW Classic!!!! 😀


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