Episode #100 – The Journey From Nostalrius To Classic, Kevin Jordan On Paladins, Josh Chooses A Region, & Hardcore Guild ‘Onslaught’


Countdown To Classic turns in its 100th episode, and hits that century mark in style by bringing you a bunch of great calls with the listeners of the show.

First, Josh undertakes the most ambitious call in history as he gets 10 people on the line to discuss the emotional journey of the past three years, from the shutdown of Nostalrius to the announcement of WoW: Classic to where we are today.

After that, former vanilla WoW class designer Kevin Jordan is back again to discuss the design philosophies behind Paladins.

Next, Josh has a bit of fun and enlists the help of some North American and Oceanic players to woo him to their servers as he finally chooses which region he will play Classic on.

And bringing it home, Josh sits down with members of the super hardcore guild, ‘Onslaught’, to discuss the ins and outs of pushing vanilla WoW to the next level and their plans for Classic, which includes a surprise YouTube star’s appearance!

Highlights Below:

  • Calling Countdown #1 – 10 Callers, 3 Years – The Journey From Nost To Classic – 5:30
  • Calling Countdown #2 – Kevin Jordan On Paladins (With Theloras) – 1:13:45
  • Calling Countdown #3 – The Dating Game – Josh Chooses A Region – 1:54:20
  • Calling Countdown #4 – Defining Hardcore – Speaking With ‘Onslaught’ – 2:17:25


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2 thoughts on “Episode #100 – The Journey From Nostalrius To Classic, Kevin Jordan On Paladins, Josh Chooses A Region, & Hardcore Guild ‘Onslaught’”

  1. There was so much potential here with the paladin stuff, and it was all wasted on Private Server ret dps theory…

    The buff/debuf system and how they eventually reworked it. Early WoW was filled with the need for Cleanse and it was argued that Paladin/Shaman invalidated Warlocks in pvp…
    The way healing scaled, and several of the raid level exploits possible by paladins…

    Part of the fun of WoW is finding things out and exploring. I feel kind of let down that a large portion of the segment was ‘can I use this exploit when it launches’ style questions…


  2. I agree, as a new listener to this amazing podcast (this is my 2nd one) I loved the Hunter one last week, was very good indeed. Although i don’t care for PVP and especially hated PVP on a hunter (maybe i’m in the minority on that one).

    I was expecting more for the Paladin call, in part that it was the very first class i ever rolled in wow back in 2004. I rolled a little dwarf paladin, I only made it to level like 20 before getting bored to tears by the auto-attack and seal gameplay. I rolled druid and never looked back.

    I didn’t make a new paladin till BC and that toon sat for many years, until MOP where I dabbled again with Paladin and I fell in love with the class at that point. I mained Paladin/Hunter in WOD. In Legion it was all about shaman, but my paladin alt wasn’t neglected but really didn’t do the alt thing till last 3 months or so of Legion.

    In BFA Paladin was my 2nd toon to 120, and I even race changed him (first time I have ever race changed in wow) to dwarf from Draeni so I could go get the Dwarf Heritage armor, and play homage to my original Dwarf paladin in vanilla. (come full circle)

    So I love and appreciate these class design calls, amazing stuff and there’s so much more Kevin can talk about I’m sure, but can only do so much in 2 hours on a podcast, the fact that these podcasts are that long is crazy I had never seen a podcast be so packed and long (I’m new to the podcast thing overall).

    So keep up the good work, appreciate the insight and love the show and I’m going to be listening to all the episodes this week (its great to listen to at work, as I work nights, and I just put this on and makes my night fly by)

    Liked by 1 person

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