Episode #97 – Mute Speaks, Kevin Jordan on Druids, Loot Trading, RP-PVP, & AV


Countdown To Classic has it all for you today.

Join in on a very special episode as Mute from World of Roguecraft re-emerges on the scene to talk to Josh all about those famous videos and whether or not he’ll be playing WoW: Classic.

Josh then speaks with vanilla WoW Class Designer Kevin Jordan about the history and design choices behind Druids, in this week’s installment of the show’s ongoing ‘Ask Kevin’ series.

The show then turns to the news from last week, discussing the huge loot trading backflip from Blizzard, as well as the news regarding RP-PvP servers.

Finally, the show closes with a huge call about everything Alterac Valley, with an alternative view to last week’s take on the news about 1.12 AV, as well as breaking down notes, strategies, and fun memories from some AV veterans, including the show’s resident PvP expert Ohgee.

Highlights Below:

  • Calling Countdown #1 – Mute from World of Roguecraft – 2:40
  • Calling Countdown #2 – Kevin Jordan on Druids – 38:40
  • Calling Countdown #3 – Loot Trading News Breakdown – 1:15:00
  • Calling Countdown #4 – RP-PvP News Breakdown – 1:31:55
  • Calling Countdown #5 – Everything Alterac Valley – 1:52:10


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4 thoughts on “Episode #97 – Mute Speaks, Kevin Jordan on Druids, Loot Trading, RP-PVP, & AV”

  1. Re: RP-PVP and how empty those servers often are now… imo, it’s because Blizzard has ceased monitoring the amount of trolling which killed those servers. There used to be a much more strict enforcement of naming conventions and behaviors to ensure that the role play on RP servers was not disrupted. Unfortunately, that enforcement was removed and so a bunch of random murder hobos who didn’t like RP and would make trouble for those who did was allowed to destroy the atmosphere of RP realms. Now those realms are just like any other realms; there is nothing to distinguish them from any other server, and the excessive trolling has driven everyone away. I also have toons on Ravenholdt, but I started earlier and Ravenholdt’s history pre-Wrath was rocky in spots. The deterioration continued, and now it’s a dead server.

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  2. Josh!! Loving the podcast!! Got a question. What happened to the “WHATUPPPP PARTY PEOPLLEEEEE?!?!?!”? You’re new “sup party ppl”, which is still better than “Hi I’m Josh”. But that EXCITEMENT always got me sooo hyped for the rest of the podcast. Was this a conscious change?

    Thanks for the amazing effort and keep going!

    Love, Seburb

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Sebastiaan! You’re spot on it was a conscious change – I want to hit a middle ground between yelling down the mic and being super unexcited and monotone lol, so I’m trying for the ‘happy to be here’ intro haha


  3. A quick note on the AV talks. This is two podcasts in a row where there has been a ton of airtime talking about the ‘Alliance Advantage’ in AV.

    I have to wonder if any of these people even played classic AV on the alliance side in any situation that was not a base race.

    There are several main differences, one of which was so problematic, blizzard literally changed the map to fix it.

    Alliance Advantage advocates will always say the bridge is the choke point of the map and the main advantage. This is countered by the even more powerful choke-point at Ice Blood Tower. The reason why most Horde players fail to see this as an advantage is because it was not heavily used until Reinforcements were added.

    Typical Alliance strategy in AV in 1.8-1.12 was to sacrifice Stone Hearth Graveyard and tower to the Horde. This strategy was entirely focused around the Ice Blood GY/Tower choke point (IBGY). Unless SHGY was surrendered, any Horde Offensive players who died would re-spawn behind the IBGY choke point, further reinforcing it. At this time, the typical horde response was to take the bait in favor of the base-rush. The reason this was acceptable at the time was the difference in NPC power. Galv was much easier to defend and harder to kill than Balinda. The nearby chokepoint and tower just reinforced this.

    This NPC advantage was typically overlooked due to the Alliance Tower advantage*. (*People forget that tower geography works both ways, and most whiners were stealth classes).

    The Alliance Choke point was slightly different. Without proper spawn management, the alliance could easily be split and have to fight through their own chokepoint, a situation which is never the case with the IBGY choke, making it a superior choke point IMO.

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