Episode #96 – PvP News, WoW Class Designer Talks Mages, & The Unwritten Rules Of Vanilla WoW


Another week, another blue post.  Who would have thought it would be raining WoW Classic news?!?

Josh kicks off a jam packed episode by speaking to the listeners about the news regarding Blizzard’s decision to run with the 1.12 version of Alterac Valley.

Then, in part two of the show’s ‘Ask Kevin’ series, we hear from vanilla class designer Kevin Jordan about the design choices behind Mages in vanilla WoW.

Finally, we finish up with a fun, potentially divisive call about the ‘unwritten rules’ of vanilla World of Warcraft.

Highlights Below:

  • Calling Countdown #1 – Classic News Re: 1.12 AV With Ayle, Fredmunroe, & Sonosuke – 2:45
  • Calling Countdown #2 – ‘Ask Kevin’ Part Two – Mages – With Kevin Jordan & Viv – 32:45
  • Calling Countdown #3 – The Unwritten Rules of Vanilla WoW With Ante, Bawlsosteel, & Remani – 1:11:30


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4 thoughts on “Episode #96 – PvP News, WoW Class Designer Talks Mages, & The Unwritten Rules Of Vanilla WoW”

  1. Hey josh Jigantor here again, I remember doing some AVs taking 4 hours up until wrath. Where both horde and alliance would fail at the boss kill due to heavy defense and it became a long long Turtle fest to both teams and resource capping became the sole source of winning a fight. I personally loved it because as a hunter I would leave the forefront of the fight and go back to defend to help prolong the fight and build massively amounts of honor sometimes getting 10 to 20 times the amount of experience just from grinding kills and not allowing the game to end. Sometimes I pushed for a turtle game on purpose kind of like a puppet master. I think we’ll still see these games.

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    1. Re being honourable in the game – never stop doing that. Those who say that everybody is going to gank you so you may as well gank are wrong. It’s a lazy attitude and takes the easy way through everything, which says a lot more about them than about you. Not everybody is going to gank you. There are others who, like you, choose the path that has honour. You’re not the only one, and they’re choosing to ignore that. Online or offline, people have a choice in how they’re going to behave. So choose to be honorable, and that’s fine. The others can choose to be assholes, and that’s fine, too. There will always be someone with honour who chooses to play the ganker hunter and will hunt them down. In fact, being a ganker hunter is SO much more satisfying than being a ganker.

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  2. One of the callers (at about 17 minutes) said he is very much against cross-realm BGs. I’m biased because I started vanilla in 1.12 when cross-realm was already a thing, but I disagree with him. You could make an argument for no cross-realm dungeons because of the community aspect and ninja-ing, but BG’s don’t have loot for people to roll and already have decent anti-AFKers reporting system, so there is little-to-no-need for the community aspect. If you are queuing with friends or a premade, you can still do that, and if you are solo queuing and just want to play games, you can still do that and not have to wait few hours of queues. You will still have the infamous players of X server when it comes to world PvP, and you will also have infamous players of a certain battle group too – the community aspect doesn’t go away, it just gets LARGER, to where you recognize players not just from your server but other servers in your battle group. I don’t understand the mentality of wanting no cross-realm bgs, because I only see positives, and it is NOT antithetical to vanilla gaming, just as not having to queue up at the actual bg locations isn’t either.

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  3. Kevin mentioned the caveat of Arcane Missiles was that you had to pay the full mana cost upfront and then wait for the channel and if something were to happen (push back, interruption), then you essentially wasted mana because less missiles fired despite you spending the mana for more.
    I wanted to comment that I did see a silver lining from that, and it is that at low levels, this becomes more of a GOOD thing, because you are able to slow mobs enough to kill them before they reach you (no pushback), and on top of that, since the mana cost is spent upfront, you can save arcane missiles to the end and because the mana is spent upfront, some seconds are spent channeling it, it is enough time to start mana regen so you can get ready for your next pull, making it more efficient. That’s my opinion – I could (and probably am) wrong, in that it’s still faster to cast a fireball and then start moving rather than stand and channel missiles…

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