Episode #95 – Classic News, Ex-WoW Dev Talks Warriors + AQ40


It’s. All. Happening.

It’s a huge episode today as this one has it all.

Classic news, former WoW devs, raid chatter – we’ve got every Classic itch you’ve ever had scratched in this one!

Firstly, Josh puts up the bat signal to listeners Taladril, Sonosuke, & Axtel, who call in for the what is hopefully the deepest analysis of the Classic news that you’ve heard to this point.

After that, Josh re-enlists the aid of former vanilla WoW class designer Kevin Jordan, in explaining the thoughts of the devs when building the Warrior class.

Finally, the show finishes strong with a hugely fun chat with two vanilla raiders, Docken and BluePanther7, all about AQ40, a huge trip down memory lane than you won’t want to miss.

Highlights Below:

  • Calling Countdown #1 – Analysing Classic News With Taladril, Sonosuke & Axtel – 2:05
  • Calling Countdown #2 – Ex-Vanilla WoW Class Designer Kevin Jordan On Warriors – 28:50
  • Calling Countdown #3 – AQ40 With Docken & BluePanther7 – 1:10:50


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2 thoughts on “Episode #95 – Classic News, Ex-WoW Dev Talks Warriors + AQ40”

  1. Hi Josh,

    I just wanted to mention that listening to your podcast I learned that you were irked by the idea of druids because all the different forms made you not see the gear you obtained (which is a cosmetics issue), but then in this podcast you are saying that you don’t understand why people are going after cosmetic appearances such as the color of their Qiraji battle tank – what gives?

    Please do keep in mind, that this post is in good fun, I am not calling you a hypocrite 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I understand where you’re coming from mate, I think it’s more that hear and progression is so deeply ingrained in this game that it is the true sense of achievement that we get, actually seeing the awesome equipment that our character obtains. However with the Qiraji battle tank, and many other cosmetic changes I’m not big on, what is basically a change in colour of an item doesn’t really do it for me. But I’ll wear the hypocrite tag nonetheless hahaha 😛


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