Episode #94 – A History Of World Firsts With Death & Taxes, Flight Paths, Druids + Sunken Temple Lore

The Four Horsemen

Where did everyone from famous vanilla guild <Death And Taxes> go? Why haven’t we heard from them with the release of Classic getting closer and closer?

Today, Josh sits down for a long overdue interview with Nineteen27, who was there in the trenches as a member of Death & Taxes all those years ago.  Listen in as Nineteen27 regales us with an oral history of the ups and downs of vanilla world firsts and what it was like being, and playing with, some of the best of the best.

After that, we hear about flight path frustrations, as well as druids and the lore of Sunken Temple.

Highlights Below:

  • Calling Countdown #1 – Raiding With <Death And Taxes> As Told By Nineteen27 – 2:00
  • Calling Countdown #2 – Flight Paths/Druids With Turner – 1:38:35
  • That’s Lore Like It – Sunken Temple – 2:00:35


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2 thoughts on “Episode #94 – A History Of World Firsts With Death & Taxes, Flight Paths, Druids + Sunken Temple Lore”

  1. Jubei was an Alliance Paladin in Skyfang whom exploited Horde capital bosses via him tagging them, then the other 67 Skyfang members killing it, thus giving him maxx Honor. Thats my account at least. I was in Skyfang at one point. I learned how to Resto Druid from Tigerlady and Prazz. Joined Indomitable to take over the server after Death and Taxes/Drama left the server to Korgath. Ive Killed all but Kel’Thuzad but my guild WarEnsemble did. I managed 7/9 T3 DreamWalker and ive been chasing the chest piece ever since haha! – Onarv


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