Episode #93 – The Music Of World of Warcraft + The Economy + Undercity


Countdown To Classic celebrates its first birthday in style, as Josh takes what is his favourite call to date on the show with musician and content creator, Chimly, analysing the music of vanilla World of Warcraft.

Come celebrate the show’s birthday with a banger of a soundtrack as Chimly goes deep on why the game’s music is arguably the greatest in the history of video games.

After that, Josh takes another listener call touching on the economy and the auction house, before finishing up with a bit of memory lane.

Highlights Below:

  • Calling Countdown #1 – The Music Of World of Warcraft With Chimly – 2:50
  • Calling Countdown #2 – The Economy & Flipping The Auction House With Vel – 1:15:45
  • Forum & Fauna – Undercity – Great Place or Horrible Design? – 1:49:00
  • Memory Lane – 2:05:50


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One thought on “Episode #93 – The Music Of World of Warcraft + The Economy + Undercity”

  1. I do not have a musical background, but I can completely relate with the first caller on music in the sense that I hear a song and I try to pick it apart subconsciously, and not so much the musical parts of it, but in a sense I try to isolate all of the different sounds and instruments in a song instead of hearing the melody they all make together, and once I have done that to a song, I cannot undo it, and it’s terrible, because a song is meant to be enjoyed as a blend. To put it in a different perspective, imagine your favorite dish – think of all the ingredients that go into it, down to salt, seasonings, butter/oil, et. All together, they make a great dish, but imagine if as you bite into a spoonfull, you cannot help but focus specifically on the oil part, so much so that you eventually can almost taste nothing but oil instead of enjoying all the flavors together. That’s what happens to me when I listen to music, so I try to actively NOT do that. As soon as I start isolating a single sound in a song, it becomes louder and more distracting, so I actively make myself listen to the song as a whole once again which is difficult to do.

    Sorry for the lengthy post, I just haven’t come across anyone who something similar happened to. Not quite the same thing, but close enough 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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