Episode #87 – Elemental Mages, Everquest Similarities/Differences, Diablo Crossover, Jaina Proudmoore Lore, Feast Of Winter Veil + Snowballs, Anger Management + Memory Lane, & Listener Emails


It’s Christmas time and Countdown To Classic has stuffed your stocking full to the brim with some good old fashioned WoW Classic content!

Listen in as this episode has a bit of everything to celebrate a range of interests this holiday season.

Josh sits down and talks about the fun of Elemental Mages, the similarities and differences between Everquest and WoW and what drew that crowd over, the Diablo mobile situation and why Diablo players love WoW and vice versa.

Then it’s time for a talk about the Feast of Winter Veil, some Jaina Proudmoore lore, and then some anger management and memory lane listener submissions, and rounding out the year with some listener emails.

Highlights Below:

  • Calling Countdown #1 – 2:40
  • Calling Countdown #2 – 26:40
  • Calling Countdown #3 – 1:04:40
  • That’s Lore Like It – 1:20:05
  • The Feast Of Winter Veil – 1:57:35
  • Anger Management – 2:09:00
  • Memory Lane – 2:15:10
  • Listener Feedback – 2:27:05
  • Shout Outs – 2:39:40


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3 thoughts on “Episode #87 – Elemental Mages, Everquest Similarities/Differences, Diablo Crossover, Jaina Proudmoore Lore, Feast Of Winter Veil + Snowballs, Anger Management + Memory Lane, & Listener Emails”

  1. Hi Josh,

    Was listening the end portion of your podcast where Andrew L. discusses paladins and making ret viable in raids. I am not singling Andrew out, but I’ve wanted to say this to a LOT of people who are asking for changes to make X or Y viable/optimal in raids:

    In Vanilla, there is no talent tree that is completely useless – does that mean they can be used in a raid? NO, that is NOT what that means – there is more to the game than raiding, and different talent trees exist to cater to a specific situations or players. For mages, Arcane tree may SEEM like a waste, but it is not designed for you to be a PURE arcane mage, the arcane tree is there to empower other specs. Same goes for priest discipline tree. In the case of a hunter and warlock, their respective pet trees are not made to put out the most DPS in a raid, but there is a VERY significant use for them – leveling. Very few people will argue that Beastmastery/Demonology is the most optimal spec for leveling – empowering your pet/demon makes leveling a breeze. If you were then to make it so that it is an optimal raid spec, then what use would the other specs have? Paladins fall into this as well – they suffer from a hybrid tax, so their DPS isn’t optimal, but ret sure makes leveling much easier. The protection tree offers you the ability to aoe grind via reflection damage AND reliably tank 5-man dungeons, but is not made to compete with the warrior for tanking raids.
    I believe the game is balanced in it’s own way – every spec has it’s place, but not all specs belong in a raid.

    With that said – if you are not a min-maxer and will be part of a casual guild, people WILL take a ret paladin to the raid – just find a casual guild and you shouldn’t have a problem. You don’t NEED to min-max to progress through content, min-maxing is just the most OPTIMAL way to do it, but if you replace the DPS with sub-optimal specs, you will STILL be able to progress through content. Classes should have a niche, and asking Blizzard to make them more viable in X or Y situation makes them lose that niche. I want to play a paladin, but I want to play one exactly the way paladin was in vanilla.


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