Episode #82 – The Classic Community Speaks On Sharding, Loot Trading, Content Timetables & The Demo


Josh is back from a wild trip to Blizzcon and has rallied the troops to voice their opinions on everything that we heard from Anaheim!

Listen in to an episode packed full of voices as Countdown To Classic takes two separate group calls and another one on one call regarding the big issues that have arisen, sharding, loot trading, content timetables and overall thoughts on the demo.

Blizzard asked for our input and Countdown To Classic is here to help provide it!

Highlights Below:

  • Calling Countdown #1 With FredMonroe, NostalgiaDad, PWJ, and Vel – 3:35
  • Calling Countdown #2 With Ayle, Sommerlin, and TianSG – 1:42:35
  • Calling Countdown #3 With MooseTheDog – 2:18:15
  • Shout Outs & Show News – 2:51:00


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4 thoughts on “Episode #82 – The Classic Community Speaks On Sharding, Loot Trading, Content Timetables & The Demo”

  1. I think item trading is way more malicious than people think. 40 man loot council is already very corrupt as is. Some of those items can take months to drop and then you’re competing against potentially 12 other people. Things get heated. Rivalries form. Who’s to say in a guild that wasn’t world class and logged every raid drop in an excel spread sheet that a player wouldn’t be able to sneak and get the same item twice. I know in my guild the officers weren’t terribly organized and would often accidentally misloot things. Now let’s say you add the potential to trade, you could trade that duplicate item to the appropriate person, or potentially whisper them and offer it to them for gold. Maybe you play without your main bracers for a few weeks til people forget about the occurrence. It honestly wasn’t uncommon for people to sell loot through whispers even without loot trading. I think you’re opening a door that has more negative reprucussions than positives and it should be left out.

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  2. I can personally say that I have been the person conspiring to help friends get gear so I know for a fact that people can and will do it. I think some people underestimate that many people play with very close knit friends and would very easily screw over 1 or 2 pugs using these methods. Imagine a group with a mage, priest, rogue who are friends with a pug warrior and warlock. The priest and mage could easily work together to help each other get gear and screw over the warlock (simple example obviously) and no one would ever find out.

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  3. Aoe farming brd will not be near as good as it is on private servers. Some of the dwarves actually use a net that does physical damage and roots for 10 seconds. If you pull 30-40 mobs you will be spammed with the net and not being able to move at all since they will throw more nets at you than you can count. It will eat throught ice barrier like butter. Moving will not be possible and you will die.
    On private servers they did not use the net ability and it made it possible to basically pull everything.

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