Episode #72 – Classic Demo, ‘Leaks’, Vanilla Devs’ Comments & Listener Calls


What a week it’s been for the Classic Community and we’ve got a lot to break down including the bombshell news that we’ll be getting a playable World Of Warcraft: Classic demo at Blizzcon and at home for virtual ticket holders.

On top of that we also got wind of another purported Classic ‘leak’.  While we don’t seek to give too much credence to what it says given its source, it’s still a little fun to analyse and speculate with so Josh puts some of the points to two former vanilla WoW developers, Bo Bell & Kevin Jordan, for their thoughts on what was said as Josh plays excerpt previews from those upcoming long form interviews.

After that, it’s time for a bunch of listener calls covering windfury, normalisation, hunters, warriors, dueling and WoW art.  Then we hit up Anger Management, Memory Lane and some show clean up.

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