Episode #78 – Leaked Screenshots + Paladins + Community + Rep Grinds + Demo


Josh is getting out of dodge! Just before jumping on a 14 hour flight to Blizzcon, Countdown To Classic unloads with a take on the latest round of purported leaks from the Classic Demo.

After that, Josh speaks with a number of listeners on a broad range of topics including Paladins, judgement stacking, theorycrafting, the community at large, hit tables, testing and analysing the Classic demo, and reputation grinds.

Highlights Below:

  • Josh’s Take On The Leaked Screenshots – 2:45
  • Listener Call #1 – Paladins, Theorycrafting, and the Community – 23:25
  • Listener Call #2 – Classic Demo & Hit Tables – 1:26:15
  • Listener Call #3 – Reputation Grinds – 1:43:45
  • Listener Call #4 – Devs Analysing The Classic Demo – 1:54:35
  • Shout Outs & Show News – 2:07:45


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3 thoughts on “Episode #78 – Leaked Screenshots + Paladins + Community + Rep Grinds + Demo”

  1. Totally lost me and the GF on the ageism rant. If you can’t engage with and educate the community (your fans) about the game in a civil way then you’re way too immature to be throwing around jokes about how old they were when Classic first came out. I’ve met tons of great kids on the forums and the Discord, and yeah, they might not know how it was back in Vanilla, but they’re looking to us to learn. That’s the whole point of being a theory crafter. I’d also like to mention that the very reason the “meme spec” stigma of Boomkins and his other complaints have stuck around is precisely because of us older players that kept spreading misinformation. This isn’t on the younger generation of players at all, and I absolutely think we need them in order for Classic to thrive, so I’m sick of these macho guys running their mouths. I’d much rather play with the Twitch hoodie kid then that bozo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi DT, I’m sorry that it bothered you. I wasn’t thinking that Keftenk’s rant would be applicable as my own thoughts, and I don’t feel that leaving that in brands the show as immature and lacking civility. A guest came on, told a somewhat tongue in cheek, hammed up story that is a hyperbolic representation of some people’s feelings on younger gamers in WoW. I had no problems leaving it in, but I’m sorry if it offended you and your girlfriend, I do apologise. Not every call or every opinion will work for every listener, and whilst this one was a bit confronting, I didn’t believe it crossed any lines. Thank you for listening, and if I’ve lost you as a listener then I’m sorry, but if you continue with Countdown then hopefully the content will resonate more with you with what’s to come. Thanks for the constructive, polite criticism, I really do appreciate it.

      – Josh


      1. I respect your decision to leave it in, it was an interview after all! I don’t fault you for their actions, but, I do feel strongly that players like that have a very negative impact on the community. Given how important and tight knit community was in Vanilla, and will hopefully be again in Classic, I think it’s important to speak out against that sort of rhetoric. We don’t need to gate keep against an entire generation of gamers.


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