Episode #76 – Blizzcon Predictions Group Call & Demo Chat


Blizzcon is just around the corner and Countdown To Classic has you covered for all the Blizzcon speculation and predictions that you can handle.

Josh calls in three avid listeners, Palfuris, Viv, and Niel, for a group call to cover off on all angles of the event, being the fans who will be there in person, the fans watching at home via the virtual ticket, and those keeping an eye on things from within the gaming industry.  Listen in for a lot of analytical chat, and many a laugh along the way as we discover that Josh has no idea what beat boxing is!

After that it’s time for everybody’s favourite segment, memory lane, and then Josh cleans up with an epic listener submission about why there was actually NO WAR going on in World Of Warcraft.

Highlights Below:

  • Calling Countdown – 3:20
  • Memory Lane – 1:47:40
  • Clean Up – 1:59:25
  • Show News + Shout Outs – 2:04:55


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One thought on “Episode #76 – Blizzcon Predictions Group Call & Demo Chat”

  1. Comment about Minoru’s (sorry if misspelled) take on PvP. You have to also consider that Onyxia was part of earlier patches of Vanilla. 1.12 is literally called “Drums of War”, clearly alluding to the opening cinematic’s statement about the relations between the Horde and the Alliance – “Drums of War thunder once again”.

    I do not believe that Alliance and Horde are at an all out war, but they aren’t friends either – there are tensions between them. And when it comes to tensions, PvE realms do not deliver. I believe PvP realms accurately portray the tensions between Horde and Alliance – in PvP, not everyone goes by the philosophy of “if it’s red, it’s dead” – people have primary objectives that they are after, so when they see an enemy faction player, they will more than likely be on guard but not attack. You cannot get this tension in PvE realms because you can CHOOSE to be in danger or not. You don’t get this tension feeling because you when you see an enemy faction player, it may as well be a friendly faction player – they cannot attack you unless you choose to let them (like you would in a duel).

    Yes, Alliance and Horde are NOT at a full blown war, but tensions exist, and those tensions are portrayed in PvP realms but NOT in PvE realms.

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