Episode #66 – The Barrens Lore + Law & Order: Mankrik’s Wife Unit


Love The Barrens? Want to know everything there is to know about the place? Then Countdown To Classic has your back!

Get to know all the places and people in this huge, beloved zone as it was before the Cataclysm ravaged the area, and while it still smelled of sweet vanilla goodness.

After that, listen in on a special debut of Countdown To Classic Original Content, as Josh employs the skills of IRL Homicide Detective & WoW Fan, Riv, to investigate who really killed Mankrik’s Wife, in Law & Order: Mankrik’s Wife Unit.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #65 – Dire Maul Analysis + City Planning Anger


Coming off the back of the what was easily the show’s most successful week yet, Josh turns back to the listeners as we bring in Countdown fan, Shriken, who talks all things Dire Maul with Josh.

Listen in as we go over tips, tricks, loot, and thoughts on controversial topics like nerfing the DM farm and world buffs for World of Warcraft: Classic.

After that, Josh takes another trip down Memory Lane with some fun listener stories, and then reads out the most epic Anger Management submissions yet all about the problems with Stormwind city planning.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #64 – Inside THAT Blizzard + Nostalrius Meeting With Nano


Countdown To Classic brings you another bucket list interview today as Josh sits down with Nostalrius core member, Nano, to discuss exactly what happened in THAT famous meeting with Blizzard at Irvine.

Find out who was there, what was said and the attitudes of all involved.  Listen to this blow by blow account of someone who was in the room for the meeting that we’ve all wished we were flies on the wall for.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #63 – The Making Of World Of Warcraft With Vanilla Dev, John Staats


Speaking with someone who was a part of the team that made the game that is the subject of this podcast has been a lofty goal of Josh’s ever since beginning this journey with you all.

Listen in as Josh sits down for a very special, lengthy, chat with vanilla World of Warcraft’s original 3D Level Designer, and architect of many of the caves, dungeons and raids that you’ve spent hundreds of hours in, John Staats.

John has written a book, titled ‘The World of Warcraft Diary: A Journal In Computer Game Development’ (which will have a Kickstarter campaign starting on August 28).  John was kind enough to send me a preview of the first 100 pages of the book and I can easily say it’s something that I will be recommending getting behind wholeheartedly as an excellent ‘in the room’ account of the making of World of Warcraft.

This is an exceptionally long interview.  John was too kind in affording me 3 1/2 hours of his time over two back to back days.  Whilst you may rightfully balk at this run time, I can assure you every minute of this chat had me on the edge of my seat and unveiled a bunch of things that we simply never knew about the development of World of Warcraft.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #62 – Classic As An eSport + PvP Tips With OhhGee + Talisman Of Binding Shard


Countdown To Classic kicks off another the new week with a jam packed episode!

Listen in as Josh speaks with avid PvP and budding eSports caster, OhhGee, on two equally epic topics.  Firstly, OhhGee breaks down the possibility for WoW Classic to succeed as an eSport, then we go into the state of PvP in vanilla WoW, as well as battleground breakdowns, weapons and items to look out for and general PvP tips and tricks.

After that, it’s time for a listener call touching on topics such as the one off legendary item, Talisman of Binding Shard, as well as Classic desires and playing as an older gamer.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #61 – Top 4 Zones + Gayming + Listener Memories


Countdown To Classic starts out with some end game content discussing the top 4 zones as mentioned by the vanilla WoW fans and perhaps with a little bit of Josh’s influence too….

After that we go through a LOT of anger management and memory lane submissions from a whole bunch of amazing listeners who tell some great stories.

Then Josh takes a call from two listeners all about Gayming in WoW and the gaymer community.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #60 – The Great Listener Debate – Changes vs. No Changes – 3 vs 3


DING!!!!! 60!!!!!

We did it! Sixty episodes of Countdown To Classic! And how do we celebrate getting ready for raiding at Countdown HQ? With a huge special community event!

Listen in as Josh organises six listeners for an old school, 3 vs 3, high school style debate on the topic that has had everyone talking the past 9 months – Changes vs. No Changes!

Listen in to see if your ideals and beliefs were put forward in the best possible way as Josh moderates a semi-formal debate on how we all feel about what’s to come with World of Warcraft: Classic.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #59 – WoW Iron Man Challenges


So close.  Episode #59.  We’re almost at 60.

It’s the calm before the storm at Countdown To Classic HQ, and we ease into this milestone by talking about how to mix up your WoW experience and push yourself to your WoW limits!

Josh plays a great couple of calls, firstly, with Stone from ‘WoW Challenges’ about how you could spice up your time with WoW Classic if you think you’ve done everything you can within the game.  After that, he speaks with McRaptor a bit more about the challenges one can set themselves within the game and the parallels between Dark Souls and WoW.

Highlights Below:

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