Episode #51 – Healing in Vanilla WoW With Defcamp & Melderon


Countdown To Classic brings you another loooooong chat about vanilla World of Warcraft with friends of the show, Defcamp & Melderon.

Listen in as the brothers break down everything and anything about healing in general in vanilla WoW, as Josh pokes and prods with a million questions during a near 3 hour chat.

The healing chat starts up around the 30 minute mark but I highly encourage you to listen to the introductions to the boys before that for a bit of a laugh and to get to a bit more about them before getting to the nitty gritty.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #50 – Speed Levelling WoW + Speed Running Games With Joana


Countdown To Classic triumphantly returns after a few days off with another in depth interview!

Today, Josh sits down with 1-60 vanilla world record holder, Joana/Mancow/FuriousPaul about speed levelling in vanilla World of Warcraft, world firsts, being ‘WoW famous’, and speed running other games.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #49 – Deconstructing Vanilla Stigmas & ‘Meme Specs’ With Keftenk


Countdown To Classic hits you with yet another fantastic interview as Josh sits down with theorycrafter Keftenk, to chat about the phenomena that is the ‘vanilla stigma rut’.

Keftenk touches on a variety of issues such as melee hunters, holy weavers, moonkins and warlocks, and gives some test results to back up a few misconceptions that should be dispensed with by the vanilla community.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #48 – Retired Players’ Wild Memories + Drunk Raiding


Countdown To Classic kicks another week off with the first ever in person interview on the show, as Josh speaks with two good friends of his IRL, who Josh somehow didn’t realise were hardcore WoW players back in the vanilla days!

Listen in to retired players Chanz and Loy speak about some of their wilder stories from their youthful days in WoW, and what it would take to drag them out of retirement and back into Classic.

After that, Josh keeps the party going and takes a couple of calls in Calling Countdown about the do’s and don’t’s of drunken raiding, including a few more fun stories from listeners NostalgiaDad and Stalina.

Highlights Below:

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