Episode #55 – Holy Priests With Boradin + Changes + Coupling WoW Part 2


Countdown To Classic gets holier than thou with the show’s first ever spec focus interview as we take on all things Holy Priests with listener and previous caller, Boradin!

After that, it’s time for some Calling Countdown as Josh hears from two listeners, firstly about changes, and then the second part of love in Azeroth and asking your significant other to play WoW with you.

Highlights Below:

  • In Depth Interview – 3:35
  • Anger Management – 1:01:00
  • The Hot Seat – 1:02:20
  • Calling Countdown #1 – 1:12:05
  • Calling Countdown #2 – 1:34:10
  • Shout Outs & Show News – 1:48:05


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3 thoughts on “Episode #55 – Holy Priests With Boradin + Changes + Coupling WoW Part 2”

  1. Thanks for doing this each week each week Josh. I enjoy playing classic wow on Northdale while listening to the podcast. I REALLY had to comment on your latest guest and his experiences and advice as a holy priest. I found my self strongly disagreeing with a few things Boradin said.
    First and foremost is he said he never leveled a priest as Holy and said it would be “suicide”. Seeing how the title of this podcast was “Holy Priest” I would expect to get a DIE HARD holy priest as a guest. Someone such as my self. I played Wow starting on day one of the release and my first character was a Holy Priest to lvl 35, rerolled Holy on a PvP server and Leveled as holy 1-60 where I raid leaded MC through AQ20. Long story but got a new account and leveled 1-70 as holy and continued through most raid content on a new server. I am currently leveling as Disc/Holy on Northdale (Not 60 yet). I have NEVER spec’d Shadow and find it easy to farm between raids because my raid gear overpowers most any world mobs. I was even soloing 60 elites.
    My next point of disagreement with Boradin was that he found zero usefulness for spirit of redemption. I remember COUNTLESS times that the 10 second SoR (Not 4 sec that he claimed) was enough time to finish the encounter and save the day in a dungeon. In a raid its also helpful because if we lost a priest then he keeps healing and the raid has 10 seconds to figure out how to compensate for the loss. We could battle rez or change healing assignments. My experience was that SoR was useful and it only cost one talent point. Might I also point out 10 seconds in PVP is FOREVER.
    Next point of disagreement is the Power Word Shield. Boradin said “Never PWS a warrior”. If the warriors health is too low to survive before the 1.5 seconds it takes to cast flash heal then RAISE SHIELDS!. I have never been called out for using shield in this situation and I guarantee I have saved wipes by shielding the warrior tank.

    When asked about Addons Boradin didnt mention mouseover healing. I think a mouse over healing addon is VERY useful and was required in my old guild. I believe it ups your ability to heal. If you suck as a healer then a mouseover will make you average. Average players become good and good become great. I have seen this transformation more than a few times. On this note there is now (for private servers) addons that have the “Do the right thing” button and will cast the most appropriate spell on the most appropriate target. Blizzard would have banned/broke this addon type back in the day. This is the exact reason why they broke decursive. This is also part of the reason why private server groups destroy content. Dont expect the blizzards classic wow to be destroyed so easily without these bannable addons.
    Josh, Holy priest is the most fun in the game IMO. Great choice for Classic Wow.

    Diancecht, Brojoyzee, Rastaborj

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    1. Hi Brian,

      Thanks for a great, well written reply. Totally appreciate the few points that you disagree with Boradin on, and whilst I’ll say I thought Boradin did a great job, obviously there will always be a bit of friendly debate from the interviews – which is great 🙂

      If you’d like to shed further light on the topic (no pun intended) then please do hit me up on the show’s Discord and we can organise a call in!


    2. Hey Brian!

      Sorry for being late to the party!
      For me, the notion of leveling as a holy priest is much more about practicallity than wether or not one is a “Die hard fan”.

      When it comes to SoR, I find it more usefull to up your healing efficiency and not die, than having 4 seconds of healing when you do. That is usually more healing over all.

      Yes, you’re right, I said “NEVER” to put a shield on a Warrior tank. There are a few instances on certain boss pulls where you can put one up on a Warrior. Since it gets absorbed pretty much instantly this is concidered ok. An Example of this is Skeram in AQ40. And obviously it’s okay to shield a tank if they’re about to die. That shouldn’t happen too often though if you have good enough healers.

      Regards to the mouseover macro, you are correct. I never mentioned it. The reason to this is because it’s a feature of one of the addons that I DID mention, namely Luna UI.

      I apreciate the feedback by go a bit easier on me, ok?

      – Boradin


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