Episode #58 – Rogues With Kalozar + Low Pop Raiding + Fire Mages


Countdown To Classic rings in the new week with another interview all about those stealthy, shadowy rogues in vanilla World of Warcraft!

After that, Josh takes a listener call from a very special place in the world all about raiding on insanely low population servers and fire mages.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #57 – The Lore Of Duskwood + Community Reactions


Try Hard Warning Alert!! Try Hard Warning Alert!! This episode contains over ten minutes of a nerd trying to voice act! Consider yourself warned!

Countdown To Classic gets dark as we go through everything you could ever want to know about the history of Duskwood, one of Josh’s favourite zones in World of Warcraft.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #56 – Raiding With AK + Hating The Alliance + Changes Attitudes


As Countdown To Classic gets closer to dinging 60 it’s time to start thinking about raiding and we get warmed up with some blanket raid coverage with AK, the guild leader of well known private server progression guild, Grizzly.

After that, Josh gets stuck into another couple of listener calls touching on how to hate the alliance and influence people, and some thoughts and attitudes on potential changes to World of Warcraft: Classic.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #55 – Holy Priests With Boradin + Changes + Coupling WoW Part 2


Countdown To Classic gets holier than thou with the show’s first ever spec focus interview as we take on all things Holy Priests with listener and previous caller, Boradin!

After that, it’s time for some Calling Countdown as Josh hears from two listeners, firstly about changes, and then the second part of love in Azeroth and asking your significant other to play WoW with you.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #54 – Twinking With Funknasty + MTG/WoW Parallels + Coupling WoW


The middle chapter of Interview week sees Josh speak to an old friend of the show in previous interviewee, Funknasty, about the fine art of level 19 twinking!

Then it’s time for two ‘shorter’ calls on Calling Countdown as Josh takes on the subject of the parallels between Magic: The Gathering and World of Warcraft with listener Bawlsosteel, and then answers a listener email with a call from listeners Voikoira and Luolahuora about playing WoW as a couple.

After that, we finish off with Memory Lane and then Josh answers a quick listener email about playing WoW at age 35.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #53 – Everything Mages With North + Inter-Industry Commentary on WoW With Deathlace


It’s Interview Week over at Countdown To Classic HQ as we start the week off with the first of three in depth interviews, supplemented with a mini interview afterwards.

Today, we go over a bit of blanket coverage of Mages in vanilla World of Warcraft as hardcore raider North stops by to discuss everything and anything in relation to our frost/fire/arcane spell slinging friends.

After that, Josh takes a ‘shorter’ call (being less than an hour….just) from listener Deathlace, who talked Smite Priests, theorycrafting, arcane mages, and eventually unveiled himself as a game dev/designer for a well known title (which shall remain nameless!) and finished off by briefly discussing game design & itemisation in vanilla WoW.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #52 – PvP vs. PvE Authenticity & Patch 1.13


Countdown To Classic closes out the week with a long overdue forums episode!

Listen in with Josh as we tackle the big issues of whether or not PvP or PvE is the ‘authentic’ World of Warcraft experience, as well as whether or not WoW Classic should be a ‘living world’ with the eventual addition of a Patch 1.13.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #51 – Healing in Vanilla WoW With Defcamp & Melderon


Countdown To Classic brings you another loooooong chat about vanilla World of Warcraft with friends of the show, Defcamp & Melderon.

Listen in as the brothers break down everything and anything about healing in general in vanilla WoW, as Josh pokes and prods with a million questions during a near 3 hour chat.

The healing chat starts up around the 30 minute mark but I highly encourage you to listen to the introductions to the boys before that for a bit of a laugh and to get to a bit more about them before getting to the nitty gritty.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #50 – Speed Levelling WoW + Speed Running Games With Joana


Countdown To Classic triumphantly returns after a few days off with another in depth interview!

Today, Josh sits down with 1-60 vanilla world record holder, Joana/Mancow/FuriousPaul about speed levelling in vanilla World of Warcraft, world firsts, being ‘WoW famous’, and speed running other games.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #49 – Deconstructing Vanilla Stigmas & ‘Meme Specs’ With Keftenk


Countdown To Classic hits you with yet another fantastic interview as Josh sits down with theorycrafter Keftenk, to chat about the phenomena that is the ‘vanilla stigma rut’.

Keftenk touches on a variety of issues such as melee hunters, holy weavers, moonkins and warlocks, and gives some test results to back up a few misconceptions that should be dispensed with by the vanilla community.

Highlights Below:

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