Episode #40 – The Story Of The Dragon Aspects + Community Thoughts


Mount up as Countdown To Classic dings 40!!!

Monday is Dragon Day over at Countdown To Classic HQ as we dive back into the lore after a week away from it!

Josh breaks down the story of the Dragon Aspects and how they came to be, breaking down getting the band together and then breaking the band up.

All your favourites are here – Malygos, Ysera, Alexstrasza, Nozdormu and Neltharion!

Then find out what we thought of these majestic beings (particularly Alexstrasza…) and how Blizzard treated them over the years.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #39 – Is Classic or Retail Harder, Fury Warriors & Classic Or Retail For New Players


Josh gets off his bum and gets this episode to you all a day late as it’s time to call and end to the week with a trip to the forums.

First Josh touches on whether Retail or Classic is the best place for new WoW players to start.

The we touch on everything and anything Fury Warriors.

Then we finish off with whether or not Retail or Classic is the harder version of the game.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #38 – WoW Econ 101 (Part One) With Partypooper – Making & Growing Your Fortune In WoW


It’s time for another interview as Josh has real life get in the way a little with the planned scheduling for the week.

But that just means that he gets to bring you this epic interview just a little bit sooner, as he sits down with listener of the show, Partypooper, to discuss absolutely everything and anything you should ever want to know about making money in vanilla World of Warcraft.

Today is simply part one (!) of the economy chats to end all economy chats as Partypooper and Josh wound up covering almost 3 hours worth of material for you all.  This has been split in two so you can all let it sink in over time as this chat is not for the feint of heart! So get out your abacus and your monocle and listen in to one of Josh’s favourite interviews to date.

Part Two to come next week!

Highlights Below:

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Episode #37 – Everything Druids With Taladril + Blizzcon & Hunter Call


Another week, another Countdown!

Ring in your Monday with this fantastic in depth interview with Druid enthusiast and theorycrafter, Taladril, who stops by to chat with Josh about the general state of Druids in vanilla.

We cover whether or not Feral is ‘broken’ or if it comes down to player skill, if Balance can be salvaged in anyway and also why anyone would roll Resto Druid over Holy Priest.

After that, Josh takes a call from listener Swiftdeus, who chats Blizzcon 2018 predictions and what it could mean for Classic WoW, as well a few Hunter points.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #36 – Taste My Vanilla Cone Of Cold


Countdown To Classic sends off the week with an epic bang as Josh sits down for his longest episode yet for no good reason!

Enjoy 2 hours and 40 minutes of an overly ‘peppy’ Australian carrying on about vanilla World of Warcraft through his visits to the forums again for the week!

This week’s topics include how private server players and their experience might affect vanilla servers, an analysis of Frost Mages, a very special email from a listener, and also what the World of Warcraft: Classic Collector’s Edition might look like.

Highlights Below:

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