Episode #47 – The Story Of Sylvanas Windrunner + Community Reactions

Sylvanas Banshee Smile

Better a day late than never! Countdown To Classic finishes off the week with the story of Josh’s favourite character in WoW – the force of nature that is Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.

Josh runs through her background and role in WoW, with a bit of fun voice acting along the way, and then hits on community opinions of Sylvanas via the forums, and finishes off with some memories in Memory Lane and then a bit of clean up and shout outs.

Highlights Below:

  • A Scoop Of Vanilla – 1:45
  • That’s What We Said – 45:35
  • Anger Management – 1:07:05
  • Tidbits – 1:09:35
  • Memory Lane – 1:14:05
  • Clean Up & Shout Outs – 1:20:45

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