Episode #43 – Warlock Focus With DaReal MarkyMark


Whilst still putting everything together for the show’s take on the big news, Josh calls up friend of the show, DaReal MarkyMark, for a spotlight on Warlocks.

After this interview, it’s time for Calling Countdown as we hear from listener Eron, all about altoholism, asperger’s and archetypes in World of Warcraft.

Josh finished off with some long overdue Memory Lane stories and a few clean ups from a previous episode and some shout outs.

Highlights Below:

  • In Depth Interview – 2:40
  • Anger Management – 45:45
  • The Hot Seat – 47:30
  • Calling Countdown – 53:50
  • Memory Lane – 1:20:30
  • Clean Up & Show Notes – 1:27:55

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2 thoughts on “Episode #43 – Warlock Focus With DaReal MarkyMark”

  1. Hi Josh,

    I wanted to throw a quick comment – I love your memory lane segments, they help me very slightly re-live the magic of discovering World of Warcraft for the first time. I wanted to mention – I often hear some of your memory lane submissions mention things like “we came across [enemy faction] player and he was 15 levels above us!”. In WoW, whenever someone is 10+ levels above you, you only see them as a skull level, but that makes me wonder if in earlier patches it displayed ALL level ranges (or higher), or did those players estimate the level of the enemy player? Or perhaps it’s just a hyperbole? Anyway, I only ask because I have heard this multiple times from different submissions – if it was just one, I’d have written it off to “hazy memory”.

    With that said, I am still trying to catch up on ALL of your Countdown to Classic podcasts, so I am not sure if you are still doing memory lane segments in the future, but I have a few I will throw your way – feel free to use any or all of them if you run short on them 🙂

    My exposure to the game came from my brother-in-law. In lateish 2006 (patch 1.12), I was watching him play a mid-30 human mage, and though the game didn’t look “groundbreaking” to me at the time, but it peaked my interest because I wanted to find out what you could DO in the game (at the time, I was most impressed by games like True Crime: Streets of LA and GTA: San Andreas, for the size of their maps and the number of things you could do in the game, down to sleep and eat). I noticed his player icon BARELY moved on the map whenever he would pull it up, so I was already satisfied with the map size, then he zoomed out and showed me it was just one zone – there are 2 continents worth. As I was watching my brother-in-law play, he was explaining things to me, how you can do trivial things like /wave and /dance for emotes, how you have to kill things to pass missions/quests to get experience and level, and how there are 2 factions that are at war with each other and he is currently on a continent dominated by the enemy faction and is trying to find his way back to the eastern one (my thoughts ALREADY were “Wow! Massive world, plenty of things to do, AND it’s populated by other PEOPLE, not just AI, and those people are split into factions that are at conflict with each other? Sign me up!). I asked him if there was a faster way to get around, he told me that there are horses you can get, but only at level 40. Then he spotted an undead mage and decided to attack him to show me the game. Midway through the battle, it was clear that the other mage was going to lose, so he started to run away via blinking and my bro-in-law was on his tail with his blinks. They were essentially blink racing for about 3-5 minutes before he said “Oh shit, I think he is going to one of the Horde towns”. “What does that mean?” “Well, there are guards in that town that can kill me, but more importantly, he will probably get other players to help him out”. Exactly that happened, and WHOA, the friend that came out to help him was this HUGE MINOTAUR looking thing that was riding some rhino looking thing – needless to say I was intimidated just by the look, but on top of that, he was level 40+, so my mountless bro-in-law was in trouble. The mage came back with his tauren friend and messed him up, killed him and camped his corpse – this is where I learned the death mechanics and corpse running AND body camping and the sly ways you can try to escape body campers by rezzing behind a tree or something and hope they don’t see you.
    Seeing as I was intrigued by the game and was a broke 16 year old boy with no allowance, let alone income, he offered to get me the game and pay for my account until I was able to pay for it myself O.0 Of course, I was on board. I rolled a human rogue.

    Being a gamer and being used to FPS games, I knew the importance of using a mouse on a PC, so when I started playing (as with any game) I re-bound all my keys in a similar fashion to yours, but then when I leveled up more, I found myself not having enough keys and asked my bro-in-law how he dealt with that dilemma. He saw what I did and said “What the fuck are you doing?” then told me to re-bind everything back to “1” through “=” and play with the keyboard, left hand on WASD and right hand just above it on 1234 – do this for combat and use mouse when not in combat. My bro in law being a veteran (and the person who introduced me to WoW), I figured he knew something I didn’t, so I did as he said… Needless to say, clicking on the flag in WSG was difficult. I had to almost down whoever I was fighting, then quickly grab the mouse and get ready to click the flag that would drop.
    Thank god I know better now. Not only do I use the mouse, I also invested in a Razer Naga mouse (one with buttons on the side) – best MMO decision I have made 🙂

    Fast forward to Westfall. As a reminder – I’m a human rogue. I completed all the quests in the area and told my higher level bro-in-law I still needed to finish the quest to get “VanCleaf’s” head and asked for help in completing it. Had no idea what dungeons where or how to run them. He did not bother explaining and started getting a group together. Once we got all the rolls filled, we entered the house and went through the secret mine shaft below it – I was already in awe “there’s a secret place here!” and we keep going deep through this mine and I asked if VanCleaf was somewhere here, my bro-in-law answered “yeah” again, with no further explanation. Eventually we came up on the portal into the instance and again, I was in awe “WHOA! There’s a portal here!”. We enter it and start running the dungeon. This is a good time to mention that we had a dwarf hunter that was speaking tough the whole time (I think he was trying to be in-character, even though this was not an RP server) and calling everyone “pansies” from enemies to his teammates when mistakes are made or we had trouble surviving. I wanted to be as helpful as possible, so each pull I would ask if I should “sap” one of the enemies, and when I would get close enough to do that, they would detect me 90% of the time, so I would end up pulling the whole group without CCing anyone, but it would work out every now and then (though I would still pull the group because rogues got out of stealth after sapping in vanilla, and even if specced into improved sap, it was still a 90% chance of not breaking stealth). I had no concept of “rolling” for chests, so when we came out onto the dock and the big ship, I basically yelled “oh look, a chest” and ran for it as the dwarf hunter would yell “no! stop you pansy!”. It was the Mr. Smite chest – I pulled the boss before we were all ready – the ninjas killed me fairly quickly, but the rest of the team ended up doing well. We come up to the top of the ship, I see a guy inside the cabin of the ship and do not bother to read the name and ask “should I sap him” and the dwarf hunter answers “yeah, go ahead”. My bro-in-law is typing (as I am not paying attention anymore) “You really want him to die, don’t you?” and the dwarf answers “shhh, let him learn his lesson”. Of course, as soon as I walk into the cabin and turn the corner, 2 ninjas attack me and I die. I’m laying there dead typing “awe, man, there were 2 ninjas there around the corner that I didn’t see, my bad guys!” Again, since we have my level 40ish bro-in-law, not a problem, we kill VanCleaf. Running this dungeon was the second time I fell in love with WoW, the first being when I watched my brother-in-law play and explain the game to me, especially the PvP part of it.

    The last one I want to tell is not from Vanilla, but from Burning Crusade, but I feel it’s pretty good, so I wanted to include it as well:
    My bro-in-law and I were in the same house – he’s playing in the loft and I’m on a laptop in my room with the door closed (this is important later)
    I’m on my main rogue again and in Hellfire Peninsula – I needed to kill a few elites in the Blood Furnace dungeon for a quest to get a really good piece. I got together with my bro-in-law’s guildies and we are running the dungeon, but we keep wiping. I literally need just 2 more of those guys but we can’t seem to finish the dungeon and keep wiping and the rest of the people start complaining about the repair costs they will incur and how it’s not worth it and they’re tired, so we are all dead and in spirit form everyone is talking via Vent to each other making plans for the next day and when everyone will be on. I’m still trying to finish my quest, so I’m back in the instance alive, thinking “I’m a rogue with all these cool downs – maybe I can just blow my cooldowns and solo the last 2 people I need to kill”. So I run through the dungeon, stealthing where needed, and get the smallest group of said elites and start fighting. I am not doing enough damage, my evasion runs out and it’s clear I’m about to die again, so I vanish and start running but the mobs still find me and start chasing me. I’m using all of my cooldowns to keep runing trying not to die and aggroing just about ALL the mobs on the way back barely surviving turning corners, meanwhile my bro-in-law is finishing talking to his guildies and enters the dungeon to revive and sees me running (but doesn’t see the mobs because I got some distance on them with “sprint”), so on my screen I literally see my character book it past my brother in law out of the instance as his character watches me, turning to watch me as I run out of the instance (you could almost see a “WTF?” face on him judging by how his character turned and watched me book it out of the instance). The screen loads on my end, and I watch his portrait in my party lose a third of his health a second until dead. As that happened, I am sitting there imagining how because his character TURNED to watch me book it out of the instance, he probably did not see the train of mobs come up behind him who were chasing ME but decided to kill HIM once I was out of the instance. I am sitting there giggling, barely holding in my laugh until my brother-in-law swings my door open hard so it slams against the wall with an angry look on his face and I lose it and can’t stop laughing. Honestly, I don’t know why, but this is my fondest memory of playing WoW.

    Love the show – keep up the good work!

    – Peter B.

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    1. Hi Peter, thanks so much for this! I still do memory lane but not as often and I try for short ones, are you happy for me to post these in the countdown discord for others to enjoy? I could try to edit them down to size if you like?


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