Episode #47 – The Story Of Sylvanas Windrunner + Community Reactions

Sylvanas Banshee Smile

Better a day late than never! Countdown To Classic finishes off the week with the story of Josh’s favourite character in WoW – the force of nature that is Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.

Josh runs through her background and role in WoW, with a bit of fun voice acting along the way, and then hits on community opinions of Sylvanas via the forums, and finishes off with some memories in Memory Lane and then a bit of clean up and shout outs.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #46 – Feral Druid DPS With Shedo


Countdown To Classic celebrates everything cats as he tears into the ins and outs of Feral Druid DPS with Cat Form guru, Shedo!

Listen to some of the wise words from the frequent Classic Druid Discord contributor as he runs Josh through some of the do’s and don’t of Cat DPS as well as stopping to dispel a few common misconceptions along the way.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #45 – Women In WoW


Countdown To Classic rings in another week with an in depth interview with several interviewees, a few of the women of WoW!

Join Sommerlin, Surnami and Rarebitt, as they sit down and chat with Josh about common misconceptions about female players in WoW and their experiences within the game.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #44 – Dev Watercooler In Depth Analysis


Countdown To Classic swishes it from halfway as Josh beats the buzzer just ten minutes of Friday left on the East Coast – winning on technicalities here people!!

Today, Josh gets out the microscope and puts last week’s Dev Watercooler update under it, as we figure out exactly what we know, what we don’t know, and where WoW Classic may be heading from here now that we have this information.

Josh takes a trip to the forums to assist in dispelling a few thoughts that popped up throughout the community in the wake of the bombshell.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #43 – Warlock Focus With DaReal MarkyMark


Whilst still putting everything together for the show’s take on the big news, Josh calls up friend of the show, DaReal MarkyMark, for a spotlight on Warlocks.

After this interview, it’s time for Calling Countdown as we hear from listener Eron, all about altoholism, asperger’s and archetypes in World of Warcraft.

Josh finished off with some long overdue Memory Lane stories and a few clean ups from a previous episode and some shout outs.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #42 – Classic News Translation By AAA Staff With Niel


Countdown To Classic shakes off the rust after a few days off and comes roaring back to podcast prominence to cover the epic news!

Josh sits down for an in depth interview with AAA staff member, Niel, who has worked in the games industry for 15+ years through many areas of title development, to give a technical translation of the big update that we got on Friday from Blizzard.

After that, Josh takes a quick (pre-Classic update) call from listener PWJ all about private server raiders and facerolling in Classic.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #41 – WoW Econ 101 (Part Two) With Partypooper – Making & Growing Your Fortune In WoW


Previously….on Lost.

Wait, wrong show! Don’t sue me!!

Countdown To Classic is back to answer the cliffhanger question that we left you with last week and many more in finishing off the epic chat with Partypooper about everything and anything regarding the vanilla WoW economy.

After that, we get through the regular fun segments and then finish off with a bit of Calling Countdown, as two listeners phone in at the same time to doubly inform Josh about the epic quests and effort they went through in obtaining Rhok’Delar and Benediction/Anathema, as well as a bit of light Hunter chat.

Highlights Below:

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