Episode #31 – Kicked In The Questies – AddOns With Aero


It’s interview time over at Countdown HQ and today we’ve got Questie developer and AddOn enthusiast, Aero, who sits down to chat all things AddOn development and implementation in vanilla World of Warcraft.

Then, it’s time for Calling Countdown as Josh takes a couple of listener calls, firstly covering introducing World of Warcraft into a relationship and then, on Twinking and Ninja Looting.

Highlights Below:

  • In Depth Interview – 1:45
  • Anger Management – 46:30
  • The Hot Seat – 50:00
  • Calling Countdown – Call #1 @ 57:50, Call #2 @ 1:12:30
  • Shout Outs & Show News – 1:25:40

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2 thoughts on “Episode #31 – Kicked In The Questies – AddOns With Aero”

  1. You should do an interview with Shagu next, an absolutely amazing guy, really would love to listen to it. You can find him on discord at: shagu#7155

    Please make this happen!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Josh,

    I just wanted to put some input on addons – I am not sure if this was around during vanilla as I think I may have gotten it during TBC, and not sure if a similar addon exists NOW for private servers, but this would be my addon request to Aero for when Classic comes out:
    There was VERY useful World PvP addon called Paranoia that would detect players of an enemy faction and warn you if there are any around complete with a name, and when clicked on would /target that name so that you could automatically target the person even if you haven’t physically spotted them on your screen. Sounds like cheating, doesn’t it? Well, it actually ISN’T once I tell you how it worked – it worked by scanning the combat log, and any time it would detect combat activity (player named “Shadoweaver” in your vicinity killing a boar with shadow bolt rank 2) it would guess the class and level range of the character based on the type and rank of spell/ability that player used and if you clicked on the warning it would /tar Shadoweaver for you to make you target him and erase all doubt as to his class, level, and race.
    Obviously, this addon can be abused by people who just want to gank everyone in sight, but I used it at the time for DEFENSIVE purposes – I played a rogue, so any time my Paranoia alarm went off, I would find out what class was near me and immediately stealth and hide because 90% of the time it was someone much higher level than me. I will admit, on occasion I also used this addon to track down someone who had recently ganked me (and was of a reasonable level that I thought I could take on and win if I tried hard enough) and kill them in return. Of course, in my case that just resulted in more deaths of ME because I was such a bad player! Worse yet, I always thought “it couldn’t possibly be me, it’s my class, rogues suck!” – it’s embarrassing to even admit that now XD

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