Countdown To Classic Is On Patreon


Countdown To Classic has finally gotten off it’s bum and created a Patreon account.  Please do click the pic above or head to and check out some of the great rewards on offer to enhance your experience with the show and the community.

Please note that there is NO locked content.  Countdown To Classic will continue to be free, three times per week, as per usual for all listeners.  However, there will be benefits for listeners who sign up for as little as $1 per month.

Noteworthy offers include two separate tiers of monthly prize draws that, if won, would score you some cool loot that would cover your patron fees for a quite a few months! Also, you could co-host an episode monthly with Josh! Please do head over to Patreon and see if you’re interested.  At $1 and 14 episodes per month, that’s $0.07 per episode – what a bargain!!

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like signing up for a monthly benefit, then there’s also a tip jar over at Ko-Fi, where you can ‘buy the show a coffee’ should you want to tip your hat to the content that’s being produced on a regular basis –

Thank you to all for your continued support, whether by way of these options, or simply listening to the show 🙂

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