Episode #23 – Keeping It Classy + ‘Locking & Rogueing With DaReal MarkyMark


The phones are ringing off the hook over at Countdown To Classic.com and Josh doesn’t own enough cats to answer all these awesome listener calls!

Today we sit down with class guide maker and streamer DaReal Marky Mark, to talk classes in vanilla WoW, class balance as of patch 1.12 and get in depth on Warlocks and Rogues.

After that interview, Josh takes some listener calls from around the world on Calling Countdown (with a drop in from YouTubers Defcamp & Melderon) and finishes with a loooooooong clean up from previous episodes and gives some love with a few shout outs too.

Highlights Below:

In Depth Interview With DaReal Marky Mark – 2:50

  • Anger Management – 55:15
  • The Hot Seat – 56:50
  • Calling Countdown #1 – Defcamp & Melderon – 1:05:30
  • Calling Countdown #2 – Boradin – 1:24:25
  • Calling Countdown #3 – Minorou – 1:32:10
  • Clean Up & Shout Outs – 1:37:45
  • Wrap Up – Stratholme/Duskwood/Shadow Priests – 1:48:10

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One thought on “Episode #23 – Keeping It Classy + ‘Locking & Rogueing With DaReal MarkyMark”

  1. Hi Josh,

    Sorry for these delayed comments, I am going through your podcasts one by one and commenting as I go (love the show), but I wanted to mention this:

    I once posted on reddit complaining about the fact that paladins have a tank spec but can’t really be a tank and someone countered me with a REALLY good point I’d like to share (seeing as how in the interview MarkyMark mentioned taunt for prot pallies) – the issue is that vanilla WoW has had a shortage of tanks – aside from Druids tanking 5-mans and being off-tanks in raids, Warriors are the only TRUE tanks in the game, and since paladins were an Alliance-only class, making paladins viable tanks would really shaft Horde players as that gives Alliance players more tanks in their ranks and nothing to the Horde.
    Sure, there are people that say that Shamans can tank similar to Paladins in that it CAN be done for 5-man dungeons but not much more, but quite frankly, paladins are still better tanks than Shamans and for the sake of balancing FACTIONS rather than classes, I would say Shamans are more deserving of a more viable tank spec in Vanilla than Paladins are deserving of a taunt.
    Of course, these are hypothetical changes (I am a #nochanges person, though I understand the need for some changes that fix bugs and deter cheating/gold selling), but someone was kind enough to share this point with me and I felt an obligation to pass it on 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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