Episode #35 – YouTubing WoW & Being A Guild Officer With SoupaSoka


Countdown To Classic’s here, and we’re in effect, want you to push it, babe, coolin’ by (Wednes)day and at night, working up a sweat, c’mon nerds, let’s go show the noobs, that we know, how to become number one, in a hot party show, now pod it.

Ah, pod it.  Pod it good.

Ah, pod it.  Pod it real good!!

Let’s get through Hump Day with a huge Salt ‘n’ Pepa reference as well as another awesome Countdown To Classic interview!

Today, Josh sits down with YouTube personality SoupaSoka, to discuss the trials and tribulations of being a guild officer and class manager, the ins and outs of creating World of Warcraft content for YouTube, and why rogues are…..unique people.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #34 – So…A Dwarf, A Firelord, & A Dragon Walk Into A Mountain…


It’s the start of a new week and Josh survived a crazy weekend on the Gold Coast to bring you more Countdown To Classic!

Today, Countdown To Classic brings you the epic tale of the creation of Blackrock Mountain and how its current residents came to be there, covering off on the War of the Three Hammers, Lothar’s last stand, the life and times of Ragnaros, as well as what’s up with Nefarian.

Then, it’s time to break down what the community thought of BRM back in the day, ranging from it’s aesthetics to the PvE and PvP madness that went on there.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #33 – Sex, Lies & WoW – Role Playing With King Mike


It’s the thrilling, sexy conclusion to interview week over at Countdown To Classic! Today, Josh sits down with role playing veteran, and listener of the show, King Mike, for a really fun chat about everything and anything role playing in World of Warcraft.

Topics include common misconceptions about role playing, some of the best role playing moments in WoW, and also, the subtle, sexy art of erotic role play.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #32 – I PvP’ed My Pants – PvP With Funknasty


Josh gets lazy and brings you yet another amazing interview with PvP veteran, and listener of the show, Funknasty.

Listen in as Josh questions his guest all about the general landscape of World PvP, Battlegrounds and Twinking, being sure to write down some tips along the way.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #31 – Kicked In The Questies – AddOns With Aero


It’s interview time over at Countdown HQ and today we’ve got Questie developer and AddOn enthusiast, Aero, who sits down to chat all things AddOn development and implementation in vanilla World of Warcraft.

Then, it’s time for Calling Countdown as Josh takes a couple of listener calls, firstly covering introducing World of Warcraft into a relationship and then, on Twinking and Ninja Looting.

Highlights Below:

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Episode #30 – Let’s (Dire) Maul Ass


TGIFSICLTCTCLE – That’s the acronym for Thank God It’s Friday So I Can Listen To Countdown To Classic’s Lore Episode!

Listen in as Josh reads you the complete history of Dire Maul, covering off on the creation of the Night Elves, Queen Azshara, The War of the Ancients, The Great Sundering and the corruption of Prince Tortheldrin.

Then we hear from the community on topics such as how long Dire Maul took to complete, farming DM solo, and the benefits of tribute runs.  Also, who was the real ‘DM’…..

Highlights Below:

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Episode #29 – Pull My Totem, Fear My Windfury


It’s back to the forums after a week away from them! Josh furiously breaks down the pros and cons of switching factions for Classic, what to expect when you’re expecting an Elemental Shaman, and all things ninja looting.

Highlights Below:

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