Episode #16 – You Just Want My Paladin’s Pink Slips


It’s Monday over at Countdown To Classic which means it’s time to hit the forums!

This week we look over what potential change would you draw the line at with World of Warcraft: Classic, whether or not Paladins should be doing more than they are in vanilla, and whether fixing incomplete quest lines is something that should be completely off the table.

Highlights Below:

  • Forum & Fauna – 2:40
  • Anger Management – 1:03:00
  • Winners & Losers – 1:05:40
  • Memory Lane – 1:13:10
  • Shout Outs & Show News – 1:20:30

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One thought on “Episode #16 – You Just Want My Paladin’s Pink Slips”

  1. Both of my mains in Vanilla and TBC were hybrids (Shaman and Paladin). I think the biggest problem with all of this is that people expected the Paladin to be a DPS class. I recently chatted with some people on Reddit about it, and this was something that Blizzard themselves advertised, with lines like this, pulled from the player manual “The paladin, like the warrior, can learn to wear all types of armor, and has among the widest selection of weapon skills. It has a good ability to thrive in melee combat, made even better with its unique buffs: auras and seals”.

    Whereas the Paladin was clearly advertised as being a melee plate wearer, the Shaman was seen by most as a caster, so when they found themselves mostly wanted as a healer, not only was it an easier transition with their gear, but it was also more expected. For all of the players that leveled a Paladin in order to be a big beefy DPSer, they were sorely disappointed when it turned out that their main specialization was Holy. To make matters worse, Protection was, for the most part, useless.

    Even though I love the idea of Retribution, especially in later expansions, I don’t think I want to see any changes for it in Classic – there’s enough DPS already. If anything, I’d like to see Protection become viable, not just because Blizzard kinda owes us one after that manual, but because I think it’s a relatively easy fix. Just increase our threat generation and give us a taunt. Bam. Done. That’s probably all we really need, and I don’t think that would mess with the ecosystem too much, as Warriors are the only real competition.

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