Episode #14 – War(Song Gulch) – What Is It Good For?


It’s Way Back Wednesday and today we cover the lore of Warsong Gulch via the history of the Warsong Clan, and The Sentinels, listening to how the tension between these two groups came to be and why we fight where we do.

Then we cover off on community reactions to Warsong Gulch – was it a battleground you loved or hated? How did you feel about shenanigans in battlegrounds? Did you ever come under notice from GM’s over your behaviour in PvP?

Highlights Below:

  • A Scoop Of Vanilla – 1:20
  • That’s What We Said – 36:00
  • Anger Management – 53:30
  • Tidbits – 56:00

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One thought on “Episode #14 – War(Song Gulch) – What Is It Good For?”

  1. I think PvP balance in Vanilla was really a case by case basis. You can make the argument that Horde have better PvP racials which gives them a leg up in things like WSG. However, if Alliance has better racials for PvE, then that means they have an easier time getting good gear, right? We also can’t ignore the fact that the original Alterac Valley was majorly stacked in the Alliance’s favor.
    In actuality, I think what matters most is how active and skilled your players are. I’m not convinced racials make that much of a difference in the end, and everyone can eventually reach the same tier of gear. If you don’t have players who know the game, or who don’t play often enough, then you’ll have a weak army going into PvP. When you’re constantly losing, your faction loses moral, your skilled players transfer off or reroll, and things fall apart.
    In short, if you’re struggling, try harder! You can turn it around, but only if people are willing to show up, and being defeatist will only push people away.

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