WoW Game Director Ion Hazzikostas Says The Word ‘Classic’ – Let The Over Analysis Begin!!

There was a live Q+A broadcast today with World Of Warcraft game director Ion Hazzikostas, regarding the upcoming expansion, ‘Battle For Azeroth’.

Naturally, the WoW: Classic community held its collective breath, despite not being the topic of the discussion, as to whether or not Hazzikostas would say the magic word of ‘Classic’ at some point.

He didn’t disappoint and the topic was addressed, albeit as lightly as could have been anticipated as he said the following, which was transcribed by Reddit user COHL7500 over at the Classic WoW Subreddit:

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Episode #6 – The Scarlet Monastery-Nucleosis


It’s Way Back Wednesday and today we cover all things lore for Scarlet Monastery and Scarlet Crusade.  So buckle up for a solid dose of history, followed by forum comments on Scarlet Monastery pre and post Mists of Pandaria, why we loved SM runs and how it encapsulated a lot about what we loved about vanilla WoW in general.

Highlights & Download Links Below:

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Episode #5 – Hands Off My Private Server Parts


Well, there was one article about World of Warcraft: Classic that was published online this week, so naturally we’ll cover it on the show because we’re starving for any kind of news! Join Josh as he breaks down the history of private servers and what might happen moving forward, how battlegrounds might be handled in Classic and then he jumps on his high horse re: content creators and gives himself a shameless plug, while defending a fellow creator’s decision to create a Patreon account.

Download Links & Highlights Below:

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Vanilla Private Servers Experiencing Growth Post-World Of Warcraft: Classic Announcement

Exactly what effect will the release of World of Warcraft: Classic have on the populations or existence of some of the more popular World of Warcraft private servers out there?

The article featured below was in interesting one to come across this past week, which touched on an interesting movement from arguably the most popular private/pirate server available to players looking to get their vanilla on.

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