Episode #9 – Don’t Toggle My Graphics


It’s time to go back…to the forums! Today, Countdown To Classic takes on the hard hitting issues of DKP vs. Loot Councils, toggle-able updated graphics and whether or not we were half as good at the game as we like to think we were back in the vanilla days.

Highlights Below:

Forum & Fauna – 4:20

  • Anger Management – 1:22:10
  • Winners & Losers – 1:26:40
  • Memory Lane – 1:33:45
  • Shout Outs/Show News – 1:44:50

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4 thoughts on “Episode #9 – Don’t Toggle My Graphics”

  1. I will never use Loot Council.
    I will be using a Suicide Kings/Point Hybrid I developed.
    People loved it. I loved it. It was quick, easy, everyone could go for the items they wanted.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would have loved to have gone a bit more into Suicide Kings, it was an interesting system that I hadn’t heard of – probably not great for a lot of guilds but intriguing nonetheless! Thanks so much for listening Panda!


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