Delay For This Week’s Wednesday Episode!

Apologies listeners, I just spent two hours recording today’s episode and then I saw the dreaded words ‘Data Write Error’ when I stopped the recording.  Lost it all.

I shall re-record and release this week’s lore deep dive into Shadowfang Keep either Thursday morning or Friday morning, unfortunately these things happen in the digital age 😦

4 thoughts on “Delay For This Week’s Wednesday Episode!”

    1. I took it far better than I thought I would for that very reason haha – at least we know the second time should be better than the first!


      1. Just listened. Let’s call that Pixar / Blizzard levels of polish from doing the practice run. Let’s somberly realize that this is your process now and you’ll have to spend twice as long podcasting.

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      2. Haha here’s the dirty secret Azzmo, I sat down to re-record last night and thought I’d double check my files one last time…….and found the original recording. It had been renamed and shuffled around in the directory without me realising it, but I did see a ‘Data Write Error’ on my recording device when I finished so i had presumed it lost.

        So what you heard was actually the original first run through! Surprise! Haha but thank you for the kind words on the polish. The thought of spending even more time in this is scary haha, I’m sinking in a lot of time already! Glad you enjoyed.


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