Contact Countdown To Classic With Your Memory Lane Stories!


By now, many of you would have heard the amazingly funny, and touching, stories that listeners have sent in to me, to be read out on the Memory Lane segment of every Monday’s show.  Well – guess what? That could be you and your story being broadcast to the huge worldwide audience of Countdown To Classic! So write in to the following email address with your submissions (also, below are a few bonus tips to make sure your story stands out amongst the crowd and gets picked!):

Send your outrageously funny, cheeky or heart melting stories to:

The show looks for the following in a good story:

  • Approximately 30-60 seconds in length when read out loud;
  • Mentions of character names, classes and servers played on;
  • Something you personally experienced as opposed to a second hand tale;
  • Something fun! Or nostalgic!

Check this recent World of Warcraft: Classic subreddit thread for some amazing examples of the kind of stories that I’d be featuring on the show!

Every week I’m looking for submissions and am so thankful for the many listeners that have forwarded on stories so far.  So don’t be shy and get your name out there by writing to Countdown To Classic now!

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