Episode #7 – ‘Classic’ Is My Safe Word


Blizzard has spoken about World Of Warcraft: Classic this week and Countdown To Classic has you covered for a breakdown of the (non)statement made by game director Ion Hazzikostas.  We also touch on the AQ war effort and whether or not we’re all just headed for BC and beyond one way or another.

Highlights Below:

  • Top 5 – 5:05
  • Forum & Fauna – 7:35
  • Anger Management – 1:01:40
  • Winners & Losers – 1:05:10
  • Memory Lane – 1:07:30
  • Shout Outs/Show News – 1:16:30

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5 thoughts on “Episode #7 – ‘Classic’ Is My Safe Word”

  1. Hey Josh!

    I’m emailing you in shock after just listening to episode 7’s section on getting the other half into WoW. Firstly thank you for that it made us both crease with laughter. Secondly we have another recruit in the Horde! The only issue is she wants to roll whatever I roll.. Typical.

    Thanks again, it made my day!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sam!

      Great to hear back from you and so happy that you got to hear it. More than happy to have replied to your email on the show, glad you enjoyed it and mission accomplished! She’s on board! Now get her listening to the show and we’re all done haha! Thanks again for writing in 🙂


  2. What?! Really?! That actually worked for you?! I’ve been trying to get my girlfriend to play Wow with me for over a year now. She enjoys playing other games such as Diablo with me but I don’t know what her deal is with Wow. I might have to show her Josh’s top five maybe it’ll change her mind!

    Liked by 1 person

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