Countdown To Classic is on Twitch – And Getting Angry Already!

With great angry moments like this happening then why wouldn’t you want to follow CountdownToClassic on Twitch?!?

Anyway, as you can see, Countdown To Classic has indeed followed through on the threat and jumped back into retail for the first time in 5+ years.  Join in on the shenanigans as worlds collide when an awesome podcaster shows you his double life as a horrible World of Warcraft player!

Find the show on Twitch @ CountdownToClassic and follow for updates on streaming times and follow the show on Twitter also @ Count2Classic for streaming announcements.

The aim of the game in the stream is to level a character to cap in retail and get re-acquainted with an old friend named WoW, all while engaging with the listeners and fans, talking all things World of Warcraft: Classic and Countdown To Classic.  Just a reminder that you can also find Countdown To Classic on Discord, and thank you to everyone who has joined the channel thus far, it’s a great group of people – join through this link – – Hope to see you soon, come and say hi!

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