Vanilla Private Servers Experiencing Growth Post-World Of Warcraft: Classic Announcement

Exactly what effect will the release of World of Warcraft: Classic have on the populations or existence of some of the more popular World of Warcraft private servers out there?

The article featured below was in interesting one to come across this past week, which touched on an interesting movement from arguably the most popular private/pirate server available to players looking to get their vanilla on.

This Monday, Countdown To Classic will touch on this report by PC Games N that people are apparently flocking back to private servers, with new servers opening up. Is this being done perhaps in excitement, or perhaps in impatience as we wait for World Of Warcraft: Classic?

I’ll bring forums posts to you as per usual that discuss what effect World Of Warcraft: Classic will have on the private server community and ponder whether or not certain private servers will stick to their word and close up shop upon release.

Comment below with your take on this issue and you may be quoted and featured in the episode, having your take on the issue broadcast out to the now 1000+ worldwide listeners, in 50+ countries, of Countdown To Classic!

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