What Slice of Vanilla Content Do You Want To Hear Covered Next?

There has been an insane amount of traffic to the website today with the release of episode four and thus I figured it was high time to turn this site into something more than just a home base for podcast release announcements.  Check out part of the plan from here below and please do take part in the following poll to choose what vanilla content YOU want to hear about on the show:

What I plan to do is to post more about World of Warcraft: Classic news and forum posts here, outside of the regular media announcements, as well as provide a platform for you all to talk about the show and the issues that are raised on it.

After a week of existence, I’ve quickly worked out that there is a substantial listener base to the show due to an understandable hunger amongst the community for more World of Warcraft: Classic content, thus I shall do my best to turn this into a site where you can interact with the show and come to every now and again to find some extra info and discussions about the game.

For starters, let’s kick off with this poll – I know the Way Back Wednesdays is an acquired taste due to it being lore based, but for those of you who love your lore like me, then please do vote – what subject matter would you like to hear Countdown To Classic cover next for a Wednesday episode? Let me know! Thanks again everyone for downloading, listening, messaging and posting about the show, I can’t stress enough how it’s listener interaction that will get this show bigger and better – as this show is about you.

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